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Sep 22, 2012 08:49 AM

Sub-Urban Trading - Kensington Bakery/deli/sort of coffeehouse

What a discovery. Tucked away in a small strip mall behind the MARC station in downtown Kensington is this gem of a place that looks like a Brooklyn cafe with homemade, delectable looking bakery items, hard to find organic milk in glass bottles, housemade green tea iced tea, deli case with new dishes every day, fresh paninis they will grill for you on crusty bread. The place has several artists' work up and there is an artsy, urban feel. Food was delicious and I look forward to many more visits, to eat and browse art and books. I actually walked right by this place one morning when I was hungry, and thought "what a cute store, I will have to come back when I'm shopping." But it turned out to be a restaurant! I only wish they had a better coffee supply. Their pastries deserve espresso!

My question to you chowhounds is, are there any other independent coffeehouse type places in the Kensington/Wheaton/Rockville/North Bethesda area? I know about Quartermaine in Bethesda and North Bethesda, and love Zen Tara Tea in downtown Bethesda. What else? Meanwhile, kudos to Sub-Urban Trading Company!

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  1. Just tried this place and it was cute.
    The Lemon Layer Cake was ok, but nothing special (better than a grocery store). A lot of fluffy frosting that at had no real taste although at least it was not way too sweet. The plum/fig galette was bad - undercooked crust and the fig just tasted bad although the plum was nice and not too sweet. After two bites, I threw both away.
    I am sorry - I wanted to like it. Everything looked good.