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Sep 22, 2012 07:55 AM

Lime a Rita

just curious who has tried the Limearita by Bud light- I am having a Mexican party in a few weeks- plan to serve frozen ritas and mexican beer but didn't know if these were worth buying? it is Girls only!!

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    1. buy a decent mexican beer (i love bohemia and negra modela) and drop a lime slice in each beer.
      and of course get some skirt steak and make fajitas!!

      1. Since you've bothered to ask, it's clear that this product is not for you.

        Imagine going on a three week Michelob Light and Newport Ultra bender, coming out of the haze on Day 22 just enough to make it to the liquor store for a refill. Imagine seeing the Limearita box's shiny green exterior and being attracted to the idea of venturing into the realm of the exotic. The tropical heat. The true party life.

        Nah, I can't imagine it either. But that's the only target market I can possibly fathom for this undoubtedly nasty product.

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          Miller Light Chelada is pretty good. Twist of fresh lime in it is good on a warm day or in the morning if you don't want anything heavier