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Do people dislike Taqueria Coatzingo?

I seem to remember reading negative comments about this place. People mocking its mention in good Mexican food in NY. What are peoples feelings about this place? We had dinner here last night and loved it, ordered a bunch of tacos and a grande sopa. The original location, not the sterile hospital room location.

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  1. I haven't been in years, but I thought it was pretty good.

    1. love their lengua tacos.

      1. Yup, still excellent. I was there yesterday on my way to the block part on 82nd and had some great taco al pastor.

        1. Not to say that I never had a bad meal there, but it's still my favorite place in Jackson Heights for Mexican. There's still a lot of stuff on the menu that I would like to try.

          1. I've eaten there a few times (three? four?) and find it wholly mediocre - despite it being holy (mole) ground for the chowhound gringo echo chamber. I was down in Mexico City a few months ago and had some amazing food which reminded me that, yes, I have not gone crazy with my taste in Mexican food after years of New York deprivation.

            Full-scale Chowhound attack in... three... two... one...

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              Nobody is comparing it to Mexico City. If that is your point of reference then sure, it is mediocre. I know more skilled and nuanced Mexican kitchens exist within New York City.

              But for some pastor and tripa tacos and a big bowl of nourishing soup its a hell of a good time.

            2. Love it - some meals are better than others, even for the same items. But their lengua is always amazing, and their tacos de cabeza can be eye-openingly good. However, the salsa they give you before the meal seems to have gone downhill. Way too sweet on my last few visits.

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                I haven't seen tacos de cabeza on the menu, do you just ask?

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                  When they have it, It's on the special's menu.

              2. I've been there a half-dozen times, and the food is inconsistent at best. I usually find it disappointing, and not worth traveling for (I don't live in Jackson Heights). They can't get the easy things right -- for example, the side order of rice (on a platillo/platter) has been terrible. Come on. Another time, the salsa tasted like it was mixed with italian salad dressing... the worst salsa in memory. If you can't serve a decent salsa, it's time to close down. I don't understand why Chowhounds like this place, except they are open late. I rate it as average/below average Mexican for New York (which isn't good).

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                1. re: K2000

                  Stick to the recommended dishes. They are all above average.

                  1. re: Silverjay

                    I never told you what I ordered. But if a restaurant's menu is a minefield, with some good dishes and others that need to be avoided at all costs, then the restaurant doesn't deserve to be recommended, in my opinion. There are too many other restaurants where you don't have to do that.

                    Any Mexican restaurant with bad salsa is a terrible Mexican restaurant, by definition.

                    Tacos Veloz is much better than Coatzingo (there are several Tacos Veloz in the Jackson Heights area). There's one on Roosevelt Avenue around 92nd street. There's another in the 80's on Roosevelt Avenue as well, and maybe one more. It's not fancy and much more limited menu than Coatzingo, but the food is great. Try the carnitas at the one in the 90s.

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                      TC has been covered extensively and we've talked about the recommended dishes enough to avoid mines in the minefield.....It's the first time for me to learn of someone that uses chips and salsa as a barometer of a Mexican restaurant "by definition". On Chowhound it's not unusual to read declarations like "if a restaurant can't do -insert dish- right how can they do anything right". I don't think that carries much weight in my opinion...Will look into Veloz.

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                        Sorry, most of the time Tacos Veloz is just mediocre. I've had much much better meals at Coatzingo than I've had at any of the Veloz chain joints.

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                          My wife and I were in Coatzingo on Saturday night.
                          I agree, usually the salsa is mediocre; no salt, little heat. On Saturday it was excellent. I don't expect a repeat of the excellent salsa next time I'm there, but I'm not going to any Mexican restaurant for the salsa.
                          The big disappointment for me was that they were out of the chivo. It's one of my favorite dishes of any restaurant in Queens. Instead I had the Lengua with S.V. and Calabasacito. It was excellent. My wife orders a variety of pork dishes, most of which we both agree are very good.

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                            Haha, it's ironic for me that you chimed in here jefe as I'm researching a trip to Chiang Mai and have been looking into your recs on the SE Asia board!

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                              Since we basically agree on Coatzingo, hopefully you'll agree with my picks for Chiang Mai. When are you going to be there? If we're there at the same time, I'd be happy to show you around the food scene there. No Mexican though.

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                                I'll be there and possibly LP & Vientiane in the second week of December. I'll post my prelim research on the SE Asia board. I can also be contacted at my profile listed email address.

                      2. re: K2000

                        Sometimes the salsa and/or other dishes smell like latex, or dirty dish washing gloves. I find the place inconsistent as well. Some good meals, some terrible, whereas I consistently have great food at Nixtamal.