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Sep 22, 2012 06:42 AM

Do people dislike Taqueria Coatzingo?

I seem to remember reading negative comments about this place. People mocking its mention in good Mexican food in NY. What are peoples feelings about this place? We had dinner here last night and loved it, ordered a bunch of tacos and a grande sopa. The original location, not the sterile hospital room location.

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  1. I haven't been in years, but I thought it was pretty good.

    1. love their lengua tacos.

      1. Yup, still excellent. I was there yesterday on my way to the block part on 82nd and had some great taco al pastor.

        1. Not to say that I never had a bad meal there, but it's still my favorite place in Jackson Heights for Mexican. There's still a lot of stuff on the menu that I would like to try.

          1. I've eaten there a few times (three? four?) and find it wholly mediocre - despite it being holy (mole) ground for the chowhound gringo echo chamber. I was down in Mexico City a few months ago and had some amazing food which reminded me that, yes, I have not gone crazy with my taste in Mexican food after years of New York deprivation.

            Full-scale Chowhound attack in... three... two... one...

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              Nobody is comparing it to Mexico City. If that is your point of reference then sure, it is mediocre. I know more skilled and nuanced Mexican kitchens exist within New York City.

              But for some pastor and tripa tacos and a big bowl of nourishing soup its a hell of a good time.