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Ben & Jerry's Cannoli ice cream

It's in stores... somewhere. Where can I buy it?!!?!?!

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  1. Omg, this sounds good!

    1. Is this a return of the legendary Holy Cannoli flavor? Allstonian will be thrilled.

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      1. re: Jenny Ondioline

        I was just reading about this the other day. It's not a return of the Holy Cannoli flavor - the article said this would have less of a cheese taste than the Holy Cannoli.
        Wish they would bring back the Makin' Whoopie Pie flavor - LOVED that one!

        1. I'd be interested to hear when it can be found. I've been looking for it. i just came home
          from Shaw's in East Boston and it wasn't there. There's another brand that I think is called
          2nd Street. They have a cannoli ice cream but I've yet to find that one.

          1. I saw a Tiramisu B&J flavor at, of all places, the Somerville Target on Somerville Ave. I didn't look further into the freezer, but perhaps they will carry other Italian dessert flavors?

            1. Hmm, maybe not for a few more weeks. From the B&J Facebook page this morning:
              "We started making it, but it takes 4-6 weeks to get into distribution. This is because it replaces the last limited batch on shelf (Key Lime Pie). So stores basically need to run out of that flavor before they can order Cannoli, and every store sells ice cream at a different pace so there's no exact date for Cannoli to appear at your local store. If you've seen Key Lime Pie in stores, keep an eye on that shelf because that's where Cannoli will be eventually."

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                Ok...now I'm obsessed with finding Key Lime Pie. Has anyone seen that flavor around still?

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                  catsmeow I saw Key Lime Pie at a couple of different Roche Bros supermarkets within the last week. Anyone seen the Cannoli flavor anywhere yet?

                  1. re: Elevatorguy

                    Thanks. I actually spoofed it last week at the West Roxbury Roche Bros and got a pint on Wed. It was delicious. On Thurs, I went back and got 3 more qts because I guess they will be stopping it's production, so the hoarding side of me kicked in. Unfortunately, the next day it went on sale for $1.99/pint(I paid $4.99). All B+J flavors are on sale through this Thurs. I haven't spotted the Canolli flavor yet.

                    1. re: catsmeow

                      Still have yet to see the Cannoli flavor...

                      1. re: Elevatorguy

                        Ditto - nor Key Lime (looking in Needham/West Rox)

                        1. re: sallyt

                          Key Lime is available at the Roche Bros in West Roxbury.

                  2. re: catsmeow

                    White Farms in Rowley has Key Lime Pie to Die For.

                    1. re: ipsofatso

                      I agree. Unfortunately, I don't get up there too often( fortunately for my waistline). I usually combine the trek to the Clam Box with one to White Farms for a key lime pie cone. They're only a mile or 2 apart.

                2. Both Key Lime and Tiramisu in stock at the Target in Watertown yesterday. I picked up the Tiramisu but have not tried it yet, my girlfriend said it was 'ok' when she tried it. They also had a couple other seasonal flavors in as well, I cannot remember what they were though.

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                    1. re: Allstonian

                      Anyone find cannoli on the shelves yet?

                      1. re: Elevatorguy

                        No - still plenty of Key Lime in West Rox (and we weren't overwhelmed by the Key Lime)

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                          I saw Cannoli at the Needham Roche Bros. We bought a pint, and it was kind of a disappointment!

                          1. re: sallyt

                            That's what I've been seeing in a lot of online reviews...dang

                            1. re: sallyt

                              Chow's Supertaster Daily reviewed it last week. Here's what he thought:


                          2. re: Allstonian

                            Probably meant Tiramisu (Volunteeramisu), which is a Target-exclusive flavor

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                            Key Lime has been around for a year now. When I tried it, I got it from Stop & Shop.

                          4. Struck out at Roche Bros. in Acton.

                            1. The combination of my fiancee's desire to try it, and this thread, lead me to embark on something of a mad quest for this. I think I looked in every possible spot in Boston proper: every Whole Foods, Shaws, 7-11, CVS, and corner convenience store I could manage. No dice.

                              I finally found some today, at the Stop & Shop in Roxbury Crossing at Brigham Circle. I'm not quite as excited to try it after all of the "this does not taste like a cannoli" comments, but hey: I'll take one for the team and force myself to eat some.

                              1. I saw some at the Market Basket at 495 in Haverhill yesterday.

                                1. We just election-stress-demolished the carton.

                                  I stopped into Maria's and grabbed a cannoli on my way to the train -- you know, just to have fresh context in my mind.

                                  Anyhow, it's a fine ice cream, but I agree with other reports: this tastes like whoever created the flavor has neither eaten a cannoli in his lifetime nor ever had anyone describe the flavor to him. It tastes so unlike cannoli it's almost comical. It's straight butterscotch. Nice, but not a cannoli.

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                                    Hmm... I didn't taste butterscotch flavors, more fake anise.

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                                      I found it yesterday at Shaw's in East Boston. IMO I would say there is definitely a
                                      marscapone taste to the ice cream--not a bad thing--but overall I would have to say
                                      I am disappointed. However I was glad to try it and it's been fun following this thread!

                                  2. Just saw it at the Stop and Shop in Brookline on Harvard St

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                                    1. re: catsmeow

                                      That's where I ended up getting a pint a couple weeks ago. One of my least favorite B&J flavors ever! Basically a too-sweet vanilla sort of thing with a weird boozy flavor that was hard to place. No suggestion of mascarpone, ricotta, or any kind of fresh dairy flavor. Pastry pieces were crispy in a way that cannoli shell isn't.

                                    2. I had about 4 bites and it's still sitting in my freezer after a month. Very disappointed. I didn't find anything resembling marscapone flavor -- more like an off-vanilla taste. Also, cloyingly sweet and with that weird textural aftertaste that you get from B&J because they use fillers.