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Sep 22, 2012 05:20 AM

New Cilantro Findings


""The scientists pinpointed three more genes that influence our perception of cilantro: Two of the genes are involved with tasting bitter foods and one gene detects pungent compounds, like those in wasabi.

Overall, Eriksson says these studies demonstrate that DNA does shape our opinion of cilantro, but probably not enough that we can't overcome it. "It isn't like your height, that you're stuck with. People can change it," he says.

So is there hope for the extreme cilantrophobes? Maybe.

As Nature reports, McGee offers a strategy for building up an appreciation for the herb: Try a cilantro pesto. Crushing the leaves, he says, releases enzymes that convert the soapy, stinky compounds into more mild aromas. The recipe for the pesto is on the website."""

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  1. Interesting. Thanks for the link. I'll send it to my cilantro-hating son who is trying to overcome his "get this soap out of my mouth" response.

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    1. re: bear

      I can't say Bear as though I've ever gotten over the soap in my mouth reaction to cilantro but I guess I've just come to accept the fact that it probably won't make me sick. Because of its popularity around here, I've grudgingly gained a tolerance for it over the years so there is hope for your son!

      1. re: Jambie

        Thanks, Jambie! I'll send this along to him as well. He's incredibly adventurous, but the cilantro thing has been one of his last frontiers.

        1. re: Jambie

          LOL! I've asked my friends who claim that cilantro tastes like soap: what does soap tastes like?, and when was the last time they ate it? and they can't say...

          My husband says the reason why he doesn't like most veggies is because he is a super-taster, and that they all taste bitter. Hmmm.......

          1. re: Claudette


            Check out these links about Cilantro. I hope it opens some doors. Cilantro is too important an herb to not have in your diet, as a restorative. Live well.

        2. re: bear

          I used to really really not be able to eat the stuff. Now I love it and eat it at least once a week. It amazes me.