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Sep 22, 2012 03:51 AM

Herrs Heinz Ketchup Potato Chips

Does anyone know of a store that sells Herrs brand Heinz Ketchup Potato Chips? I have been told that Ocean State Job Lot and Christmas Tree Shops sell Herrs brand chips, and they do, but I have yet to find the Heinz Ketchup flavor anywhere in the area. Locally I have found Wachusett ketchup chips and Lays spicy ketchup, but they aren't as good as the Herrs. These Herrs ketchup chips are plentiful in Canada but, other than online ordering, I cannot seem to be able to locate them here in the Boston/MetroWest/Southern Mass area at all. If anyone know of a specific place to buy them anywhere close to this general area please post back as it will be much appreciated.

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  1. I know I've seen them recently. I think it might have been at a Super Walmart store When I was in CT. You might want to call one around here, but unfortunately I think the closest one to Boston is in Plymouth. The Super Walmart stores have a much larger grocery section. You can order them directly from Herrs too.

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    1. re: catsmeow

      Thanks for the reply catsmeow. CT is too far of a drive, but I will check around to see if there is a closer store. Yes they are available online directly from Herrs as well as Amazon but they both sell only by the case. You can buy individual bags on eBay, but I would feel a little uneasy buying food on eBay. Anyone else know of a store in the general area that carries these chips?

      1. re: Elevatorguy

        When I heard about them several years ago, I actually bought them on EBay. That's why I took note of them when I saw them last week while I was out of state. I didn't care for them, so never bought them again. As long as the seller has a solid rating, I don't think there'd be a problem.

    2. It was a while ago, but I did see them in the Chelsea Market Basket.

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      1. re: cubbie

        Wow, that is good information. Thanks cubbie. How long ago was is that you saw them there?

        1. re: Elevatorguy

          Unfortunately, about 6 weeks ago. I picked some up for a friend of mine. I still get the hot dog Herr chips there occasionally (guilty pleasure!), but haven't noticed whether they have recently stocked the ketchup ones. I'll be at MB on monday, and will try to remember to report back then. :-)

          1. re: cubbie

            That would be much appreciated cubbie. Thanks very much.

            1. re: cubbie

              Hot Dog chips? Tell me more.....

              1. re: catsmeow

                I have a friend who is from Canada originally, and brings me back a bag of Hot Dog flavored chips from up yonder, they are delicious, and actually taste of hot dog spice and mustard....surprisingly good. Apparently flavored chips are big up north

                1. re: devilham

                  BIg in Canada and Europe. A few years back I was in the Caribbean and the store had Lay's Baked Ham chips. Tasted just like baked ham! I'll need to check out the Herr's ketchup chips and hot dog chips.

                2. re: catsmeow

                  I found hot dog flavored chips at Walmart. My husband couldn't eat them, said it was too freaky that they tasted so much like a hot dog. I thought they were pretty good!

          2. Check your neighborhood Hess stations. That's where I get my fix, although they occasionally rotate out the ketchup chips to make way for other flavors.

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            1. re: Jenny Ondioline

              Really Jenny? I never looked there, or even thought of it. Can you please tell me specific towns/cities that you have found the Herr's Ketchup chips at the Hess stations? Hopefully this is the response that will solve the mystery.

              1. re: Elevatorguy

                I have bought many bags of Herr's ketchup chips at both the Hess stations in Allston, at Brighton and Linden and at North Harvard and Cambridge. Because I'm currently trying to cut down my potato chip consumption, I haven't bought any in the last few months, but they've been carrying Herr's chips consistently for several years and the ketchup chips are usually (but not always) available.

                1. re: Jenny Ondioline

                  Thanks very much for all the info Jenny. I will post back next week if either location has them.

                  1. re: Elevatorguy

                    The Brighton Ave station had half a dozen bags as of late this afternoon.

                2. re: Elevatorguy

                  The Hess station on Mass ave just outside Porter Square carries Hess chips. The rib chips are outstanding.

              2. Yeah, Market Basket in Burlington has Herr's...don't remember what they have besides hot dog flavor, which I bought as a gag gift for someone.

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                1. re: rknrll

                  I saw the Ketchup flavor at MB in Burlington in early summer. Not sure if it's a "seasonal" item for summertime.

                2. I bought a bag today, having not seen this thread!

                  And the Village Market, on South Street in Waltham (near Brandeis). A few bags were left on the rack if you're interested.

                  I have seen them at OSJL as well, but not recently

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                  1. re: L2k

                    Struck out everywhere despite the good suggestions. Anyone else have a place that carries these? Thanks in advance.

                    1. re: Elevatorguy

                      This past weekend, I saw them in CT if you happen to be taking a drive. They also had BLT flavored potato chips that I had to buy. Initially, those tasted good but that wore out quickly.

                      1. re: Elevatorguy

                        The big Market Basket in Everett has an entire rack of Herr's potato chips, just before the end-cap at the back of the chips aisle. I wasn't looking specifically for the Heinz Ketchup variety, but they had quite a range of strange items on the shelves (hot dog flavored chips, anyone?).

                        1. re: owades

                          Sorry, I meant the Chelsea Market Basket—the one whose claim as the largest supermarket in New England was topped by the Northborough Wegman's.

                        2. re: Elevatorguy

                          Saw a couple boxes' worth of them, including the ketchup, at the Ocean State Job Lot in Waltham, but that was last week, so I don't know if they're still there. Stacked on the floor next to the Polar soda display.

                          1. re: Jenny Ondioline

                            They definitely had a half-dozen bags at Ocean State yesterday. They were on the bottom shelf just about in the middle of all the chips.

                            1. re: bear

                              Which Ocean State was that Bear? Thanks for the info.

                              1. re: Elevatorguy

                                Sorry, it was the Waltham Ocean State.

                          2. re: Elevatorguy

                            still at the place I mentioned above as of Monday.

                            1. re: L2k

                              1 less bag now than there was when I posted this.

                              Gotta go clean my cuticles!

                              1. re: L2k

                                L2K I went to Village Market yesterday afternoon and they had none. Unless you mean the other small store on the right side of the road just before Village Market, which is on the left side when coming from Main St. Thanks.

                                1. re: Elevatorguy

                                  I bought a bag at Village Market (right hand side of that little plaza next to Prime Deli) just before 1PM today. Just across the tracks from the main campus of Brandeis. Still one or two bags left after I was there. If you go down the right hand aisle (where the soda coolers are), it's the last rack on your left, around knee high, on the right side of the rack.