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Sep 22, 2012 02:59 AM

83 1/2 -New place on Upper East -between 1st and York-Review

Had an opportunity to try this new gem of a place and was not dissappointed! This cozy restuarant is sure to satiate anyone w a fine dining palate. My dishes included roasted baby carrots w coconut composed of tender roasted carrots with a spicy dusting of what tasted like a curryish mixture of exotic spices and some sort of dairy product to cool the pleasant heat of the dish. This was followed by a buccatini pasta dish with a red wine reduction, bacon and the freshest uni (sea urchin) crowning this absolutely fantastic dish. I could have been totally satisfied but also had orderd the roasted chicken thinking pasta dish would be tiny-which it wasn't. the chichicken was cooked to perfection and would rival the one I recently had at NoMad's san fois gras. I really contemplated writing about this place for fear it would become so popular it would be difficult to get reservations but what the heck-this is a keeper!! They serve both wine and hard drinks as well.

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  1. Great info. They're not on menupages yet. Are they lunch and dinner, or dinner only??

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      Since I live 3 blocks away, I an thrilled to have a great restaurant in the neighborhood. Just checked their website, and they're only open for dinner. Too bad their menu didn't load on my iPhone. Guess I'll have to turn on my computer.

      EDIT: menu wouldn't open on my computer.

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        You can access them & their menu via Facebook.

    2. Correction, it's between 1st and 2nd av., but thanks for the heads-up, it sounds great.

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        Yes-between 1st and 2nd-sorry for wrong info!! I'm still dreaming of having that buccatini soon!! Open for dinner only-from 6pm-perhaps we can convince them to open earlier for people like me who get so hungry by 5pm!!

      2. We had dinner there Sat night. I agree - the bucatini with sea urchin is a winner. I had the chicken dish which was delish but not as unique as the bucatini. What is great is that you get lots of sea urchin so it's not a heaping portion of pasta with a sprinkling of sea urchin. It's better described as sea urchin with buccatini. The fluke crude appetizer was tasty. I tried the fried pig's ears with potatoes, greens, and a poached egg - a la mario Batali.

        They don't have mixed drinks.

        1. Been there twice. Both times delicious. Love the appetizers. Had kale and octopus and liege and pigs ear salad. The chicken and pork and beans mains were very good as well.
          The people I was with liked the restaurant very much too.
          The wines are well chosen and gently priced. The prices on the food are more than fair.
          The service was professional and warm.
          The restaurant needs more deserts, so no four stars.
          It also needs more diners. Please hurry over and help this place thrive.