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Sep 22, 2012 02:02 AM

Lunch/Dinner recs for Genoa on a student budget

I'll be in Genoa for a day and I was hoping to get some some great recommendations for Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch. My dinner budget is 30E-40E max and lunch around 20E.
I prefer classic Genovese food but am trying to avoid seafood.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. For Saturday dinner, Sa Pesta

    It is very popular, so go early if you can.

    For Sunday lunch, rain or shine, I suggest you take the 25 minute train ride to Nervi and eat foccacia col formaggio at La Marinella. When you get off the train, you will see La Marinella between the train station and the sea. (It looks rather like a beached boat.) Just leave the station and you will find a path under the tracks to get there.

    Scroll down this link and you'll get the gist of Sa Pesta:

    You can google up foccacia col formaggio if you don't know what it is. Order a classic, without any additions. Order any meat (like sliced genovese salami) as a separate side dish.

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        Try Da Maria on Vico Testadoro, 14-r just off Via XXV Aprile down from the opera house, sort of like a hole in the wall, communal tables, around 10 euro and famous.

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          also might mention that a reservation is suggested for dinner (as opposed to lunch) at Sa Pesta
          they seem to have an online facility