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Sep 22, 2012 01:25 AM

Homemade limoncello which water to use?

Hello there,

Last year I made my first limoncello and now I've finished the last bottle and want to make some new one. It was very good (I also gave a bottle to every member of my family as Christmas gift and they confirmed) but I want to improve the taste. The first step was buying better lemons.

For now I have a 96° alcohol with in it the peels (very thin) of the lemons. That mixture is now 8 days old and it's time for the next step. Adding the water and sugar.
I found a lot of information about the quality needed from the alcohol and lemons but I found no information about the quality of the water. Last year I used ordinary tap-water (very much chalk/lime where I live) but given the fact water is a major ingredient I wonder what is the best to use. Spring water or distilled water. And if I use spring water what should I look at, as least minerals as possible?

Has anybody any experience or experienced upon it?

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  1. I use filtered -- I've got very chalky water, too, and I figure if it makes crappy coffee, it's not going to make good limoncello, either.

    Don't know if you've found it, but this guy is a great resouce:

    1. Little extra question.
      Why is it necessary to filter some more time(s) after you've added the sirup?

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        the more you filter, the more impurities you remove, and impurities can cause off-flavors. It's kind of surprising how much crud ends up in the filter.

        I filter the water, and I filter before I bottle (*as* I bottle, actually) -- the guy on Limoncello Quest is really, really obsessed with filtering, but most of us don't filter quite that much.