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Sep 21, 2012 11:37 PM

2012 Eat Real Festival in Oakland

Guess I'll start the thread for this year's Eat Real Festival in Oakland, the fourth edition.

Arrived on the grounds at 3:30p and people were pretty sparse on the ground.

First bite, pepperoni pizza, $4, from Pizza Hacker, soon to be Forge on JLS, was two good size slices.

Cooked in a wood-burning oven, not in a tricked out charcoal grill, this was my first experience with this producer. Low point was the crust. Not much flavor and far too much of it burnt to bitter, black charcoal, as can be seen from this upskirt shot.

I'm one who requests my pizzas scorched, but this went way beyond that level. Seemed to be an intentional style as all the other ones I saw come out of the oven looked the same.

To wash that out of my mouth, off to Frozen Kusterd, which offered three flavors plus a choice of toppings.

They encourage samples and I had a taste of vanilla and the cinnamon toast flavor before settling on Thai tea. Quite intensely flavored, lovely silky texture with a slight etch of tannin in the finish. I liked this quite a bit.

From there, I headed over to the Meatopia event to help out. Here's the slideshow,

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  1. Eat Real Fest 2012 notes
    -the forge is an effort by bob burke(kuleto group) and michael karp(barbacoa). the pizza hacker is a consultant for the pizza. he created a special tomato sauce for them .it's free flowing and fab.
    *-had no problems with scorched pizza, seem about right. 2 large pieces for $4, a great deal
    -happy girl kitchen has a bunch of interesting pickled veggies
    -the whole beast did lamb
    lamb meatballs(5) tasted gamey, dry
    -penny ice creamery
    santa cruz sold artisan ice cream cheaper than local peeps.
    disappoined by "homemade" spicy dog(5), just a hot link and batter, not that spicy

    note: lots of booze here, including artisan cocktails. eat real continues on saturday and sunday.

    1. First time to Eat Real Festival 2012, they've been doing this for 4yrs but always missed it. Almost went on Friday, but was in SF instead. There's still a chance for others to go Sun 9/23/12.

      Got there later than I wanted because I didn't go to bed early on Fri night, next yr I will. Took BART to 12th St BART & walked less than 10 minutes to Jack London Square on Broadway - it's easy & not too scary just under the freeway a bit, then it's ok.

      The DIY 12:30pm Kraut-a-thon was the BEST. Supposedly 100 people made kraut, I was able to get in on a table kinda late & helped cut up a cabbage, massaged the cabbages with sea salt & caraway seed, then we all got a Quart Mason jar to put all the cabbage w/ the juices into the jar to take home! Got a whole cabbage to take home too.

      Went to Baker In the Rye 2:30pm by Community Oven - couldn't hear, wasn't that interesting.

      3pm by Food Craft Stage Penny Ice Creamery did a demo & gave FREE ice cream pops on a stick w/ a 10% off coupon attached - no expiration date use it whenever you visit Santa Cruz! Awesome.

      4pm saw the Flying Knives Steer Butchery Competition - the Mexican team won, they've won the last 3 times I think! Good job! Next yr they will be Judges! They gave out Beef posters I didn't wait around to get one, too crowded.

      Wanted to stay longer, but the crowds & long lines for everything to eat wasn't my thing.

      Things I ate:
      Frozen Kusterd- Bacon Waffle w/ cinnamon toast crunch f.k. I liked the frozen kursterd, the bacon waffle not so much.

      EireTrea Irish & Eritrean Cuisine Food Truck - I got the Veggie Alecha $4 - it was tasty enough, liked the enjera, salad, spiced lentil, potatoes a little too chunky for me, but ok.

      Lots of samples of jams, tempeh, chocolates in the building where people can buy stuff & they have beer for sale too.

      I meant to buy Starter Bakery's Kouign Amann - they had many flavors to buy: Tcho chocolate crunch; Double chocolate; Hazelnut Praline; Cherry Pistachio; Vanilla Cream; Highwire Espresso Custard, but I waited too long & they sold Out by 3pm, then got more later & sold Out again! Sunday they will have more! Traditional $3.5; Filled $, buy any THREE get $1 OFF!!

      Water station outside next to the Building - bring a bottle to refill.
      Brown Cow yogurt - I got chocolate then later in the day Maple - full size cartons & PeopleTowels - reusable personal hand towels.
      FREE insulated black Toyota bag - had to fill survey out on their iPad.
      KCBS - spin the wheel - First time I got a Home Canning thingie w/ seeds, meet Liam Maychem from Eye On the Bay! Later in the day spun wheel again won red KCBS bag.
      Should have gotten my pic taken w/ Whole Foods truck - next yr!
      Port of Oakland - filled out for newsletter got 2 history books on Port of Oakland - one a picture book I like better.

      Bring lots of CASH! There's ATM machines around. See you next yr.