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Sep 21, 2012 11:30 PM


Followed a CH recommendation last year to a great breakfast in the area of La Cienega/Fairfax, Pico/Venice. Now I can't find it. Seems like it was on So side of an E/W street. Fun people - I'd like to go back. Any ideas ??

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  1. Your general location information made me think of Nick's (Nick's Coffee Shop is on the south side of Pico just barely west of La Cienega) which I visited not so very long ago. Do you recall anything about the menu of your mystery place? Or what the inside looked like?

    Here is my, very brief, CH write up on Nick's on Pico Blvd. (not to be confused with the downtown adjacent Nick's Cafe on Spring St. just north of Union Station)

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        I want to thank you both for the write-up on the corned beef hash at Nick's on Pico. The hash had a great crust from the flat-top and was very well seasoned. The poached eggs were perfectly done and the "side" of hash browns were fantastic although they needed some salt. My girlfriend and I are now fans.

    1. Not sure what this is but if you are looking for geat breakfast - have you tried The Griddle on Sunset just west of Fairfax?

      1. Perhaps Bloom Cafe [Pico East of Fairfax]]?

        1. S & W Country Diner? So. side of Washington in the eastern portion of Culver City. Known for huge breakfast combos with main (e.g. corned beef hash), eggs any style, and choice of side (e.g. pancakes, waffle, hash browns & toast) for very reasonable prices. Cash only.