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Sep 21, 2012 10:25 PM

Best Brunch in Branson (Missouri)????

We will be visiting Branson for 8 days beginning the 1st of October and are putting together an itinerary of better places to eat. I know that Branson is not known for it's culinary excellence, but there are a few places we found that we enjoy. We love the Keeter Center and visit every time we are in the area (we live in San Diego). Some people have commented about the Big Cedar Lodge and we are looking forward to trying the restaurants there. Between Big Cedar Lodge and Keeter Center, which is better for brunch? Are there any places that would be better? We had lunch at the Chateau awhile back and were not impressed. Maybe their brunch is better? I would appreciate any insights.

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  1. I too have been to the chateau for lunch and was not impressed,but the brunch is another matter we go quite often,and while you should go to big cedar lodge if for nothing else but to see the scenery I don't recommend the brunch,also tried the college of the ozark's also a wash out,back to the Chateau we went,I have heard but have not been to the steak restaurant in the convention center in Branson Landing cant recall the name right now,and some 30 some miles away there is a lambert's you should not miss,famous for their roll trowing we do like the food also.Let us know wherre you did go??

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      Do you live in the area? If so, have you ever been to Table 22, or the steakhouse at the Hilton Hotel? Thanks so much for your comments. Much appreciated!

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        Guess you could say I live in the area,I'm 30 miles away in Harrison,Ar not a town for fine dining, have not been to either of the places you mentioned but have heard good things about both,mostly of the steakhouse and am planning a visit soon,in the 7 years that I've lived here am totally disappointed with most,but love the brunch at the chateau.
        Will now start checking out Eureka Spring's
        Planning on the Chateau for birthday brunch the middle of October,please give feedback on the steakhouse if you go and what your thought's are on the chateau if you do go.

    2. we really enjoyed the College of the Ozarks. Huge, majestic lodge room with nice views, good, solid food -- especially the desserts. And I loved being served by and talking with the students of "Hard Work U."

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        We discovered the College of the Ozarks on our first visit to Branson 3 years ago, and are definitely planning a meal or two there when we arrive next week. Have you ever been to Lambert's? I have read differing reviews on other Chow posts. Many have recommended it, but my husband is afraid of the quality of food. We are not food snobs, but are not fond of Golden Corral or Hometown Buffet. I know Lambert's is not a buffet, but are the foods similar to the quality of these restaurants? Any other recommendations? Thanks for any insights. We are looking forward to our visit!

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          In a way one would say I'm a food snob,for a long time I put off going to Lambert's,not thrilled on having rolls thrown in my direction or on me ,so thankfully they had mercy on two old ladies ha-ha,I think the quality is very good,I always have the fried pork chop's,have to take home a doggy bag,looked at some of the other food being brought out believe me be hungry when you go,as for the college food is good but the brunch is just not up to the standards of the chateau

          1. re: mutti

            Lambert's is fun. The hot rolls were good. My mom liked her chicken livers. The fried food is done well -- I liked it better than the meat loaf. Very big portions. I liked the fried potatoes with onion that were passed. If you go with a sense of humor and put aside any gourmet expectations, you can have a good experience there. And note, if my impression is a guideline, they overestimate the wait so you aren't surpassing your patience.

            1. re: nosh

              We are going to have to try Lamberts since so many have recommended it! My husband has every day of our trip scheduled, so we will have to find a day to squeeze it in. The Chateau, College of the Ozarks, Moon River Grille, Big Cedar Lodge, Vaskin's Deli and Krispy Kreme are all definites. We'll add Lamberts to the list. Any other must do's? We are hoping for cooler fall weather since San Diego has been soooo hot. It will make our trip!

              1. re: Julysparkler

                Have you been to Eureka Spring's on your previous visit's here? If not you should have hubby put it on the list, It's really worth a look,check out the Cresent Hotel scenery is beautiful.
                Then there is Ermilio's Italian Restaurant [I have not been yet]but my computer man who lived in Italy for awhile said It's just like the food In Italy,
                SAw hubby put Vaskin's Deli on your list,have you been there before????
                Was in your fair city a hundred years ago lovvvved it,no shortage of fine dining there,cooler weather is awaiting you here.

                1. re: mutti

                  Thanks so much!! Eureka Springs, Crescent Hotel, Ermilio's Restaurant; more to fit into our itinerary. We HAVE been to Vaskins and LOVED it!!! Looking forward to going back. We leave tomorrow morning and are very excited. Thanks for all your suggestions!

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                    Two years since my last post, but planning another trip to Branson next week. We did not get to visit Eureka Springs on our last visit (ran out of time); we have it on the itinerary for this coming Wed., the day after we arrive (thanks to your suggestion!) We will look for Emilios and the Crescent Hotel.

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                    Just FYI, Lambert's doesn't take credit cards.

                    1. re: Samalicious

                      Very important info. Thanks for the heads up!! Looking forward to lunch there in the next few days!!

          2. Welcome back,I don't have any new recommendations to share ,except to tell you that I no longer recommend the Chateau on the lake for Brunch they have a new food and Beverage manager and the quality just isn't there anymore that also includes their menu as I took several Items to go and it was awful,Sorry but please share with us your trip whenever you can.

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              Thank you so much for commenting back! Especially about the Chateau on the Lake. The past few years we have enjoyed brunch at Big Cedar and actually put the Chateau on our itinerary for brunch this year, (after re-reading the posts from 2012). My husband was hesitant because of a poor lunch experience we had a few years back, but was willing to try it. He will be happy that he won't be missing Big Cedar this trip. We are also planning to enjoy dinner at Ermilio's, thanks to your computer man's recommendation; it has wonderful reviews. "Local Flavor" is another recommendation rated highly on Trip Advisor. Thanks so much for your input! I will let you know how it goes!

              1. re: mutti

                We arrived in Branson a couple of days ago and are happy to be back. Went to Eureka Springs today and ate at 2 good restaurants; "Local Flavor" and "Ermilio's." Ermilio's was packed! Not the best food in the world, but quite decent. Will be trying the Level 2 Steakhouse soon. Also "Top of the Rock" (even though it has terrible reviews; we hear the view is amazing!) We'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again for your input!

                1. re: Julysparkler

                  Thank you for the update,I have several friends who went to the Top Of The Rock I'll have to ask them how the food was ,but it will have to wait till they get thru ha-haa slumming in Savannah which wont be until Sunday.

                  1. re: mutti

                    My friends loved the Rock it is very beautiful,as for the dining they had only the appetizers which they said where very good,looks like I'm going to have to go to soon myself.