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Sep 21, 2012 10:12 PM

MKE - Deptolla's Top 30 of 2012

Surprisingly, she put together a better list this year than in the past. I am surprised to hear that Roots closed. That is too bad but at least I have some special memories. I have never heard of c.1880 before. Has anyone been there for food or drinks?

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  1. It is a pretty interesting list, and I have actually been to 5 of them. C 1880 is not one of them, I'm afraid. It's good to see Meritage there. they certainly deserve it.

    1. Well, a link might help! Sorry about that. Looks like it is too late to update my original post so...


      Completely agree. Meritage is a nice little gem. I have literally never had anything there that I did not like. And they manage to keep prices very modest.

      1. I have not been to c1880, but my friends who work in the industry tried it and loved it. That's about all I can say about it. I've been wanting to try c1880 and Braise for a while. Wish I could get the other half to like food as much as I do!

        1. We have been to c.1880 and were underwhelmed. It took over 10 minutes for the waiter to acknowledge us. He did and said he'd be right back to take our drink order and another 10 minutes passed. The place was not overly busy.
          We had the Foie Gras appetizer with some kind of foie flan foam. I am really tired of the foam phase. The Foie Gras was good but for $20 I would think that we would have gotten more than a sliver.
          My lamb was different- two medallions over some thing as described as a Mediterranean medley. I wouldn't order it again.
          My husband some type of fish, he can't remember . I think it was rainbow trout. Either way he said it wasn't very good and also wouldn't order it again.
          Overall we weren't impressed.

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            Went to C. 1880 this past week.

            One cocktail was far too sweet, the other extremely watery.

            Appetizers were good--crab salad with cucumber and jalapeƱo. Asparagus soup with melons and prosciutto.

            Mains were meh. Scallops were perfectly cooked but did not belong on the same plate as yogurt, olives, dill, and tomato. Short rib was fine but a little dry. Beans and zucchini were tasty, though.

            Service was very absent. Waiter would disappear for long stretches and he was clearly overworked. One server for 5-6 tables taking orders, serving bread, pouring soup table side, serving pre dessert, table side coffee, making drinks, etc.

          2. We were driving around Delafield last night, saw Tony and Mia's and on impulse stopped in. I know, Saturday night - Homecoming - without a reservation - yeah, what were we thinking. To our surprise, the host was so apologetic that he didn't have a table he actually gave us a 20 percent discount card for when we come back. That floored us, as we didn't ask or expect for anything. He was so gracious and nice that you can betcha we'll be there soon - and will call first for that reservation. :-)

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              Hi shaja, I hope you were able to use that 20% discount card because we went over there recently with some friends only to discover it is now one of those dreadful Ward's House of Prime restaurants.

              1. re: Fowler

                I ate the 40oz at Ward's last fall on a dare. I have to say, it wasn't that bad for Prime Rib and the size of the roast. I was expecting way worse from these boards. I guess it may have been one of those situations where I went in with such low expectations that I was surprised it wasn't that bad. And now I have to hope they never go out of business because my name is on the wall for having done it!

                But there is one thing they are off on: The value proposition. They are charging an awful lot of $$$ for their steaks and you can get a lot better quality at other places in town.

                1. re: Fowler

                  Hi Fowler, yes, we went back about a month after my post and had a nice evening. Never got back before they closed, though. I hadn't heard that something had reopened in the space. We have gone to the Butler Inn in Pewaukee a couple of times, and I've liked the meat there. The room is kinda old and dusty, but don't let that stop you. Overall I've been very underwhelmed by the "every day Italian" in Waukesha County (as opposed to "fine dining Italian." Almost everybody has issues with their sauce - some meat sauces are so sweet that I can't eat them. Mama Mia's in Wales does a very nice Chicken Parmesan with marinara (their meat sauce has an odd "extra-heartiness" that I can't figure out.)