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Sep 21, 2012 07:46 PM

Cousins Maine Lobster in Pasadena just opened today 9/21/12

Can't wait, looks good!

Link to LA Weekly

Cousins Maine Lobster website

Giveth Lobster Rolls to the Hounds!!!

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  1. anyone tried it yet?! I'd love to hear how it is...

    1. Wow, it has Maine specialities & fried clams?! I will have to make the pilgrimage to Pasadena & check it out....thanks for letting me know!

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      1. re: Dirtywextraolives

        I just checked out their menu (on their website) and there was no mention of fried clams. if they are serving fried clams w/ "bellys"...I am there! the lobster roll variations sound great as well!

        1. re: LAgirl2

          they do have fried clams...done different ways too.

            1. re: dreamcast18

              Are these fried clams Ipswich clams dredged in a batter?

        2. OK, so after short delay, actually went today to eat. Started out with fried clams, bellies specifically, with a tatar sauce and a few lemon slices ($13.50). They were small but tasty. Not a very big basket though. We also had two Lobster Rolls $14 & $17, the more expensive one having slighly more lobster. They were both simply prepared, toasted
          bun, butter and lemon, and a dusting of seasoning (Old Bay?). They were tasty. I'd eat them again if I was in the area. There were some other items on the menu like Lobster Tacos and Bisque.

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          1. re: orythedog

            Hey Ory, thanks! Have you had the lobster rolls from Lobsta Truck? If so, how to these compare? Thanks again!

            1. re: WildSwede

              No, I have not had Lobsta Truck lobster rolls. But, the week is not over yet. lol.

              1. re: orythedog

                ;-) I actually prefer the crab ones (butter only, please) over the lobster since they use Dungeness. YUM!!

          2. so i'm confused about the set up here. is this a pop up restaurant kind of like Ludo? Is the former space doing their own thing? i just ask bc the Live Mixx lounge isn't quite somewhere i'd take my 4 yr old to eat from what i recall. i've been there once for a drink. not very kid friendly yet this menu is something my child would gobble up.

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            1. re: trolley

              I know what you mean. It is definitely not a designated restaurant space kinda place. It has that pop up feel. It looks like a bar lounge, which is what it is. Clumsy set up. I wonder what their rent must be like.

              1. re: orythedog

                agreed orythedog. it's a bar/lounge from what i recall. just don't want to drag the 4 yr old and get him psyched only to be let down. i don't want to bring him to a bar nor do i think bar patrons want to hang out with a 4 yr old.

            2. Went today with a friend for lunch. We both had the lobster roll, 1 warm version, 1 cold version, and 1 order of fried clams. The clams were Ipswitch with whole bellies, the smallest I have ever seen. The waiter told me that they receive a shipment every day, and they arrive in the shell as steamers. When I asked if they would serve them as steamers, he replied that the owners are going very slowly, feeling their way. The fried clams were just OK. I can't figure out what batter they dredge in. It's different than the fried clams I am used to when I eat them on Long Island. BP Oysterette does a better job on these. The lobster rolls were very good, and they come in several versions. Pasadena is a lot closer for me than Santa Monica, and I will return when the lust get to me again.

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              1. re: pizzafreak

                Thanks for the detailed fried clam report, I am always on the hunt for those, and I'm glad to hear BPO does a better version, as they are very close to me, & if not I'd have to go to Pas for my fix! Perhaps they were dredged in crumbs instead of batter? I remember there being two schools of thought on whether one preferred battered or not fried clams back east, many moons ago.....

                1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                  When the clams were served, they arrived glopped together, not as individual clams in a large basket. Most of my fried clam experience comes from living in Rockville Ctr, NY, where Bigelow's Fried Clams still exists. I lived there from '64 to '78, and the clams then were wonderful. They had a management change many years ago, and the receipe has suffered. I never go there now when I visit LI, and the NY hounds don't think much of Big's clams either.
                  Going to Boston Feb 1, and will seek them out even though it is not the season for Ipswichs'. Any recs in Boston?

                  1. re: pizzafreak

                    Most of my experiences were from Jimmy's of Savin Rock in New Haven, but we also had a great little drive in dive in my small town, not too far North. Both served up huge portions of fried clams, I don't believed they were battered... I think they were just dredged in flour & maybe some crumbs. The drive in is still there, as far as I know, but not sure if Jimmy's is still the same. It's would have been from about '72-'84....

                    As for Boston, I spent about ten years in and around the city, but was a struggling college student/recent grad at the time, so did not get to try very many places, unless Mom & Dad were visiting ;). From what I can remember, No Name's on the pier was pretty cheap & decent. And there was always Legal Seafoods, which we frequented, again with the 'rents. But this was about '84-'94, so I really wouldn't know about anything more current than that. I know there are also some good spots if you travel up to the North Shore, like Saugus & Revere, but I would ask for current recs on their board.

                    We also would go to RI very often for clams, chowder & clam cakes, which are a regional specialty, we had lots of family there. And I believe I really only had battered fried clams in Maine, and I recall the difference being there was just too much breading on them, I was more fond of & used to the southern New England prep.

                    Good luck, would love to hear about what & where you ate while visiting that great city.

                    1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                      OMG! A Jimmy's of Savin Rock mention on the LA board. My family has been going since it was a shack. The family tradition was getting a hot dog for dessert after filling up on seafood.

                      1. re: JAB

                        LOL, we were probably in the booth right next to you guys.... ;0))

                2. re: pizzafreak

                  awwwww.....i was hoping that the clams would be better! i'm originally from Boston, so i miss good fried clams. i may have to make a trek to BPO in SM. the lobsta roll sounds promising tho...