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Sep 21, 2012 06:44 PM

Most satisfying meal I have had in a long time!

And it came from the Restaurant School! Over the years, I have had some hit or misses there but I haven't had a meal this delicious in a long time. The three course meal for $21 included a delicious yellow and red baby beet salad with a few mellow baby onions andjust right balsamic reduction drizzle. Then a tender pork loin cooked just how I asked pink in the middle with tiny roasted purple and yellow potatoes and fennel with a tasty dark sauce. Dessert was a wonderful little cake(darn special name..) with coconut ice cream (wonderfully spiked with freshly baked crispy but moist in the middle coconut and raspberry dotted sauce. My friend had really nice tender mussels in a great broth and a salmon that I can't describe because I was so focussed on how great my pork was. She had an apple gallete that was really good too. The students were attentive and sweet. The place seems recently redecorated with a little more french flair ie the ladies room had hundreds of little bottles of perfume up high on the walls and little body forms with pearls draped over.

This meal tonite topped my last two meals at Russet and Audrey Claire. This is a great class of students!

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  1. that sounds WONDERFUL! :)

    1. Good to hear. We went for a special occasion maybe 15 years ago and the meal was so awful and the service even worse that we never went back. Perhaps we will give it another try.

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        Please do give it another try. It has improved by leaps and bounds since your last visit. My first meal there in 1991 was pretty bad as well. However, when with the Culinary Society of Philadelphia (from 1991 through 2004), I was quite involved with interviewing scholarship applicants at TRS and was at the school frequently. Students are put through a very demanding program and must have flawless attendance. It is certainly becoming a culinary school of national stature.

        1. re: Chefpaulo

          How is the pasta in the Italian room? I didn't know what kind of food my friend wanted when I made the reservation so I didn't want to limit our choices.

          1. re: elissat

            Honestly can't say that I've had the pasta. But I'm sure it is made fresh and worth a try.

        2. re: cook262

          I'm glad to hear too. I was a student around 1991 and was disappointed in the administration of the school and the quality of some of the faculty and curricula, especially considering the cost of tuition.