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Sep 21, 2012 06:06 PM

The parents Swank just returned from an awesome meal at L'Osteria in the North End

My parents, who are tough customers when it comes to Boston restaurants (although they do like some odd spots...), dined out at L'Osteria this evening and raved. Said the service was exceptional. Dad got lobster ravioli and mom had veal milanese. I don't have any more details but thought I'd chime in since people often seem to ask about good, reliable North End spots.

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  1. Glad that place is still good, always a fave of mine.

    1. It's been a favorite of mine for a while now and will always hold a special place in my heart. The food..the atmosphere..the service all great. My better half loves their veal milanese.

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        Been going to L'Osteria since I was a single-digit bambino (when it was located across the street where Al Forno is now) and it never fails to be my favorite red sauce italian in the North End. Beyond the food, the service staff has been there for years and always makes folks feel at home.

      2. Always dependable and fairly priced.