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Sep 21, 2012 05:45 PM

I cannot WAIT until after Oct 8th

I cannot WAIT until after Oct 8th when that &$!%ing Cindy Sherman exhibit at SFMOMA closes. I can't be the only person here who thinks that ad is hideous.

And for the record, it only partially worked. I remembered it was for something at SFMOMA but couldn't remember anything else about it except for a nightmare of terrifying red lips that AREN'T Tim Curry's. Hadda look it up to get the name of the artist in question.

Ob Food: Just got back from a vacation in Italy on the Amalfi Coast and cheese, lemons, fresh tomato sauce!!! Trying to find a source for the lemons but it looks like here in the US, I'm going to have to substitute Meyers Lemons.

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  1. I was going to start this thread a few weeks ago. The picture in the ad is disturbing . . .Kind of like a clown that gives kids nightmares.

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    1. re: gaffk

      When I was in college, my friends lived with an artist roommate who took the photo off a box of ice cream cones of a clown with garish facepaint, then put a revolver in the clown's hand and no matter where you were in the room, it seemed the revolver was pointed right at you. Totally chilling, especially after a few joints. "Oh, wow, man..."

      1. re: Tripeler

        Wow, talk about triggering paranoia (not to mention munchies ;)

    2. You are correct, the ad was hideous. A horrible visual, and I say as a long-term Cindy Sherman fan, a travesty. But Sherman is a performance artist, her art going back to at tleast the early 1980s and probably before that. If you hate that ad (and I do) you should do a Google search on her. She's one the photographic artists that really, really has some interesting things to say with her tableaus.