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Sep 21, 2012 04:42 PM

Maggots in salad at restaurant. What would you have done?

I was on a first date at a restaurant in Tiburon, CA. It was a great-looking place on the warf and it was filled with people at peak hour. We took the ferry from SF to Tiburon. All was very romantic. We had reservations and were seated. Both of us placed our orders and when the salads came, mine had several maggots squirming and bopping up and down in the greens.

I waved the waiter over, and without a word or any drama nor creating a scene, I pointed to the maggots. The waiter smiled and said unapologeticaly : "It happens." My date looked at his salad, smiled at me and started to eat his salad.

What would you have said, expected or done?
What if you had friends over for dinner and this happened in your home...
would you have nonchalantly said: "It happens"?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. We had a similar experience with a super skinny, deceased "daddy long legs" spider in my DH's salad many moons ago in Canada.

      That was not "several maggots"...

      I would have expected to be comped for my meal, as my DH and I were...and we received a very nice (and unnecessary) bottle of excellent wine on the house.

      It wouldn't have happened in my home, because I wash and inspect my salad. (not to sound snarky...I just do).

      1. I know what I would have done if I were the owner of the restaurant..I would have quietly apologized and comped the meal...neither of us drink alcohol so it wouldn't have been very expensive...I'm very easy going and didn't make a scene...I even left a tip...but thinking back I would have expected at the very least the common curtesy of an's never happened in my home since I naturally clean everything like everyone else does...and I have found little critters when cleaning them so I know how important it is to clean...once I found a VERY exotic looking praying mantis which I released outside

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          Oh heck are being very very classy about it. YOU ABSOLUTELY deserved an apology and then some. And you're right, we all get little spiders, ladybugs, what not getting into the home....but NOT to the tune of "SEVERAL" into our serving bowls of food.

          I am totally freaked out by that. You could've taken a pic of it and caused havoc. "It happens." Yeah, so does you know what, but I don't what THAT in my salad either.

          I'm so sorry that happened to you both.

          1. re: sylvan

            You are as mellow as can be. I would be as mellow,minus the tip. As a former server I must say you deserved a comp at the least, if not a gift certificate to hopefully insure your return. I wouldn't have tipped due to the reaction unless the service was stellar from then on. Still only fifteen at best vs my usual twenty- twenty five

          2. Did your date know and was it the same type salad? That is a brave man if so. He may have not gotten a goodnight kiss though. I think k you were very tactful but the waiter wasn't. He should have fallen all over himself to make it right, that's why we tip them. I have worked the service industry. A GREAT experience is what we look forward to. Not " it happens". I would not be comfortable eating there and commend your tact not losing you cool or your cookies. Two thumbs up.

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            1. re: suzigirl

              I'm with suzigirl & also hope you're not planning date #2 with this guy cause he didn't seem to be too concerned about what happened to you.

              1. re: Jerzeegirl

                ha ha, nope, I lost interest in him...he didn't talk and I felt alone with him
                I like a quiet guy, but also some conversation

              2. re: suzigirl

                thanks, suzigirl....I don't feel like a fool now for not being "assertive"

              3. If this happened in a restaurant during the first salad course I would have brought it to the servers attention and put a $10 bill on the table for him. Not his fault but no way would I stay...

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                1. re: miss_belle

                  I agree: not staying, not eating, not the server's fault (for the problem -- his response to the problem sucked, though).

                  It would have been nice to have been offered food or wine, but I wouldn't want to eat it!