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Sep 21, 2012 03:44 PM

any NEGATIVE feedback on BlueStar gas cooktop?

Do any CH pals have any negative knowledge about BlueStar gas cooktops? PLEASE tell.

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  1. Nope, I love mine and I write cookbooks.

    1. PS I can give you endless negative replies for Viking. I just had to get rid of a defective model at my own expense. Stay far away from anything labeled Viking. The company has no integrity, no decency and no working products,

      1. We have had one for a few years -- 36", in stainless steel. Heat levels and distribution are great. I dare not crank up the two 22K burners up all the way to do wok cooking because we don't have a great vent, and don't want to smoke up the kitchen.

        The only negative is with the stainless steel, just to say that the high heat this unit can generate will rapidly scorch the stainless top, and I'm not sure whether the brown scorched areas can be successfully brought back. I can't recall if they make another stovetop material, but that's the case with SS at least. So our top remains stained in places, but the burner grids do hide it somewhat. The SS is not up to the potential heat levels.

        The other drawback is the complicated structure of cast-iron burner top, upper burner pan and lower burner pan. Very complicated to clean. My solution: I don't clean down there very often!

        In retrospect I maybe should have gotten the rangetop, with controls on the front and cast iron interior. But that would have been a $thousand more.

        Love the way the cooktop cooks.