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Sep 21, 2012 03:12 PM

K cup ?

Please tell me a version of hot chocolate that comes in K cups is sold by amazon and is Kosher. I need to order some:)

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  1. Not here to dissuade you, but tea and cocoa don't really benefit from the K-Cup format because they don't really brew. Easier (not to mention much cheaper) to use regular cocoa and just cycle hot water through the machine.

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    1. re: ferret

      Additionally, your machine won't become milchig, which I believe it would if you use it for the cocoa.

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        Green Mountain makes a kosher flavored coffee called Mocha Nut Fudge which is pareve. I have not tasted it but it had positive online reviews.

        Green Mountain also makes k-cup hot chocolate that is kosher dairy. This will render your Keurig machine dairy equipment.

        Alternately Ghirardelli markets kosher and dairy hot chocolate packets that can be mixed with hot water dispensed by a Keurig machine. This will prevent you from contaminating your equipment with dairy. I have not tried this product either but I have fond memories of my mother making me the traditional Ghirardelli hot chocolate made mixed with warm milk.

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        MY husband who does drink coffee wanted one, so we got it. I dont drink coffee in any form so I do use it from time to time for other beverages:)

      3. I can't tell you about availability through Amazon, but my 15 year old swears by the Timothy's White Hot Chocolate K-Cups (KSA). They are 90 calories and 4.5 grams of fat, so she limits them and uses Green Mountain (O-U) 60 calories and 3.5 grams of fat for everyday use.

        Not concerned about her Keurig being milchige, as it's in her study, not the kitchen. No one else is allowed to touch it.

        I have tasted the Green Mountian and find it is too sweet for my taste.

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          Your 15 year old has a her own study and a personal Keurig machine?

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            Wow. Cool. I wanted a ping pong table at that age. Green Mt. is too tame. Dunkin is still the best.

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              This is one of the joys of not living in the city. My parents moved from NYC in 1952 because they didn't want to raise children in a cramped apartment and no yard. I'm the youngest, born in CT and never shared a bedroom or bathroom until I got married. Now, wife and I share a bedroom, but we have separate bathrooms.

              Daughter has her own study off her bedroom in her suite. (I got tired of finding her working at my office desk when she wanted quiet).Fully equipped with minifridge, microwave and Keurig. She bought the Keurig with money she made babysitting.

              At last count, there are Keurigs in the main kitchen, her study, my office (I see clients there and it has its own outside entry) and in the dressing room off our master bedroom. No walking through the house with a cup of coffee and spilling it on the hardwood floors <VBG>.

              In CT we can have a 'Palace' for less than the cost of a 3BR Co-op in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

              With 19 rooms, built in swimming pool and only 3 humans left at home (plus 3 dogs and 2 cats) there's no shortage of special purpose rooms.

              And just so no one should think we're uberrich. We bought the original house (built in1804) for $125,000 25 years ago and have added and changed it constantly over the years, doing much of the building ourselves.

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                color me curious and totally OT but I need to see pictures of said 19 room house.

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                  I tried to access your email address via your techipedia blog, but the contact me link brings up no info. I'd email pix, but I don't post myemail on CH

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                    You can use the form there; I'd reply and you'd then get my email addy ;)

          2. Is it bad that I thought this post was about an extremely large bra?

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              If you knew mw (the op) irl you would have known right away it wasnt about bras:)

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                I'm laughing at both of these posts. Thanks.