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Sep 21, 2012 03:00 PM

raw honey


where is the best place to purchase raw honey aside from the Farmers Market?

    1. re: Harters

      thank you, did you have the website

      1. re: carshone

        Where do you live Carshone? Local raw honey would be easiest to obtain.

        1. re: Brandon Nelson

          i am in illinois and we do not have anymore farmers markets for the year. I need to purchase online

          1. re: carshone

            Not neccesarily. Just beacuse the market is finished for the season doesn't mean you won't have a local supply.

            Plugging "Illinois raw honey" into google offers tons of options.

              1. re: Brandon Nelson

                have you ordered honey from a local supply? I did find on the show the Chew that they recommended Red Bee in CT. I cannot locate any other recommendations from people that have actually tried the honey.

          2. re: carshone

            No website as I have no idea where you live. Perhaps you'd just find it easiest to Google on "apiarist" and your locality.

            For example, here's one near me.