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Fresh Hopped Brews - Sightings?

I gather Driftwood's wonderful Sartori Harvest IPA is going to be making an appearance within the next week or two. I'm keeping an eye on their twitter for news.

Anyone seen any others floating around in the lower mainland yet (anywhere - shops, bars, restaurants)?

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  1. Not "Fresh Hopped" but have you tried the Chouffe Houblon Dobbelen IPA Tripel from Brasserie d’Achouffe (Moortgat)? Weird combination of a super-hoppy IPA crossed with a Belgian Tripel.
    An intriguing combo for a beer lover.

    1. Get thee to a CAMRA Vancouver/BC event...or events listed in their email newsletter. I often see weekly casks that are fresh-hopped.

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        Fresh hopped beers are actually a rarity. A fresh hopped beer is one made with hops that are not dried. Driftwood, for example, harvests the hops off of the vines at the end of the summer and trucks them as soon as possible to Victoria to get them into their Sartori harvest ale. You get a different set of resins and flavors from the fresh hops versus the traditionally used dried hops. The casks are often dry hopped, which means that hops were added to the beer post-boil, resulting in a strong hops aroma in the final beer.

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            "Please don't report any sightings"

            Haha. Yeah. What was I thinking?

      2. I'm looking forward to the release of this season's Satori. It should be out soon ( hop harvest season has probably wound down by now.) I'll report any sightings. I bet Alibi and St. Augustine's will be amongst the first to get casks.

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          Please don't report any sightings. :P

        2. The Whip will have a fresh hopped IPA from Storm this Sunday. Cask tapped at 4 pm.

          1. Keep your eye out too for Granville Island's Fresh Hop ESB - due for an October release

            1. Just to make you sad, there's tons of fresh-hopped beers south of the border:


              I don't think we'll be seeing any of these here cuz of the huge demand for them plus the delays in getting these beers across the border and into our drinking establishments.

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                And sadder still: http://www.thebrewsite.com/fresh-hop-...

                We went to the one in Sellwood on Saturday. It was big, with more than 40 beers available for $1 per 4 oz taste (you had to pay a few bucks for the glass as a buy in but well worth it). We'd never tried fresh hops before and now we will be on the lookout so thanks all for posting what you hear about on this thread!

                Obscure food scent reference: I have decided that fresh hops smell like the fruit of the pistachio nut.

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                    don't bother looking. i bought them all already.

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                      damned! coming over to your place now.

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                        i drank em all already. hops don't last long ^_^*

                  2. Brewery Creek got Sartori Harvest today and already sold out by 6:30pm! You might still find some at Legacy Liquor Store in Olympic Village across from Tap & Barrel...or at 16th Street Liquor in West Van.

                    *SCRATCH THAT* they just sold out at Legacy...wowzers...

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                      Are you serious about buying them all? Can I bribe you? :)

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                        heh, no i didn't buy them all :D

                        brewery creek had a 3-bottle limit, legacy had a 2-bottle limit. i got 2 from each place :)

                        i know you're a craft beer lover so hit me up on facebook and maybe i'll get a bottle to you. it's quite an experience. so floral/citrus yet gentle/balanced/drinkable/delicious. it's swimming in hop oils.

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                          Ah, Value on Liquor on SW Marine Dr near Granville has some!

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                            flowbee - Thanks, I may just take you up on the facebook offer ;)

                            My first exposure to fresh hops was at a Deschutes beer dinner. They brought a cask of their mirror pond ale but made with fresh hops. I've been a fan ever since and have been looking for other beers featuring fresh hops.

                            I'm hoping to find some at the Harvest Cask festival come October - are you going?

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                              Just saw that tickets are sold out! :( so no, I won't be going...

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                          Tried a couple cold beer & wines around Burnaby but no luck so far. I heard about Brewery Creek's stock too late, couldn't get down there in time...too bad for me I guess.

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                            Darby's sold out in 2 minutes I hear. Sheesh! They didn't set a bottle limit so I guess some lucky b*****d or tow scored a whole lot.

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                              I scored 3 more at Lennox today (Cambie and 12th)
                              They were down to about 9 bottles though. Scored 3 at Brewery Creek yesterday....LOVE this beer!

                        3. A wee bit of Driftwood Sartori is available this morning at Granville Liquor Store. Limit of 2 pp. I'm sure it'll be gone by lunchtime (forgot to ask how many cases their re-up was).

                          Had a bottle last night - beautiful!

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                            Hoyne has a fresh hopped ale in select beer and wine stores right now. Just saw some this AM.

                            Driftwood's Sartori is relatively easy to get over here in Victoria...I guess for once there is a product we can get here that is hard to come by on the mainland...

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                              Tracked down a couple of bottles of the Hoyne Wolf Vine wet hopped pale ale at Great Bear on Kingsway in Burnaby. Popped one last night and enjoyed thoroughly. Not fresh hopped, but they had a few other nice treats there - notably a few bottles of the Central City Imperial IPA.

                              Also managed to snag a few bottles of Sartori at John B and another place on Austin in Coquitlam (forgot the name). The former had a couple of bottles left, but we took the last 4 from the latter.

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                                Hoyne's Wolf Vine is also on hand at Granville LS. We picked up a couple yesterday but haven't tried yet. Darby's should be getting some this week.

                            2. Sartori spotting at Liquor Depot on Cambie and 18th. They had 2 cases left.

                              1. St Augistine's had a cask of Satori. It was drained in 20 mins.

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                                  24 :)
                                  Were you there? We should have looked for you!

                                  1. re: twinkienic

                                    I was on my way there but phoned ahead to find out that the cask was empty. Alas.

                                    1. re: fmed

                                      Methinks this is why - beerhounds must've descended on them well before 6:

                                      1. re: kinnickinnik

                                        Lame. I called them on Friday and whoever I talked to told me they hadn't even heard of it. Clearly they need to educate their staff a little better.