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Caterer for a BBQ Party

We will be hosting a bbq/party (we're calling it a "kegger") at the end of October in the greater Seattle area. We're expecting about 50 people, it will be outdoor (brave, I know), and we're looking to have someone come and cater it. Nothing too fancy -- we were considering bbq-style (think: brisket, chicken, sides) or something along those lines, but it doesn't have to be (salmon, etc, would be good too). Does anyone have any suggestions for someone that does something like that?

We talked to the guys are Where Y'at Matt, who'd be perfect, but they were busy that weekend....


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  1. Bitterroot in Ballard caters. I don't know how their catered food is, I just saw them wheeling catering carts out the back door when I was there for a cocktail recently.

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      Spady's BBQ Catering out of Poulsbo(they do serve the Greater Seattle area). They catered my wedding this summer and the food was incredible. Check out their website:


    2. It's a catering only place but I used to visit them every year when they were at the Bite. Jasper's BBQ even just once a year was usually the best rib I had all year. Even the picky spouse liked these. The prices are pretty reasonable, too. http://www.jaspersbbq.com/

      1. Rainin' Ribs, Lake City
        I've not seen Skyler do Salmon, but maybe I just wasn't looking - if he does, I'd try it for sure

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          Second that. I'd kill for their greens.

        2. Try Celtic Cowboy BBQ in Edmonds. They were just reviewed in The Seattle Times at:

          I had their catering at several office parties and it was always great. Very traditional BBQ and sides.

          1. My office just had a party catered by Island Soul and everything was delicious! http://islandsoulrestaurant.net/

            1. i would contact the depot cafe in everett. very consistent bbq-the guy is a competition champ-and good sides, especially the potato salad. not sure of his catering offerings or his range.

              1. Obviously from the previous posts many will disagree with me. I have not found any truly great BBQ in the Pacific Northwest. BBQ is just not a local specialty. That being said, if I wanted to have BBQ at my party and didn't want to cook myself. I would go to "Famous Dave's". I know it is a chain but it comes closest to the barbeque I enjoyed from the other side of the country where BBQ is a specialty that varies from region to region.

                1. Thanks for all the advice, everyone. Bitterroot was actually our first choice, but they've been disappointingly MIA on getting back to us. We stopped in, spoke to the manager, she told us to call on Thursday when she's in the office, and that was over 2 weeks ago, and she still hasn't gotten back to us. Pretty disappointed, I think their BBQ is pretty darn good.

                  I don't know if it's a Seattle thing or what, but overall the service industry has been pretty unresponsive to our inquiries...

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                    Gabriel's Fire in Shoreline is great for real BBQ catering if you want to go that route. Great guy who's very flexible about menu and what not. His brisket is solid, his chicken is some of the better BBQ chicken I've had anywhere. If I had to pick a weak point, it'd be his ribs, but those are still better than most places in the area.

                    Also, he told me he'd do up hush puppies (which usually aren't on the menu) if I did a catering order.

                  2. I cannot give enough good reccomendations to http://www.shortysgrubhouse.com in Federal Way.
                    1) I come from the mid-west and think 90% of restaurant BBQ sucks (home cooked, baby!
                    )2) I spent 5 years searching LA for good BBQ, best I found was Baby Blues, this is better!
                    3) Searched Seattle area for BBQ and thought it all sucked, tried this because it's close to my house...AMAZING

                    So good in fact I had them cater my wedding last month. the staff is SUPER friendly, really treated us like good friends! the food is AMAZING and I couldn't believe how affordable it was. We did sliced brisket and pulled pork. ALL our guests said it was the best wedding food they ever had~! (we did a laid back outdoor thing) I think for about 30lbs and 4qt of the homemade sauce it was less than $350. We did pick up/al la carte

                    They make their own BBQ sauce-Original, Jalapeno, Honey Bourbon and Habanero! So tasty! Also their Mac and Cheese is probably on list of top 5 in the country. It's all baked and gooey and not runny or oily at all!

                    They also do chicken and just about any request, they smoke it all themselves!

                    1. go talk to Nick Castleberry .. he is southern and I believe he is the chef at the soon to re-open Cafe Petitrosso on cap hill ..