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Sep 21, 2012 02:02 PM

Caterer for a BBQ Party

We will be hosting a bbq/party (we're calling it a "kegger") at the end of October in the greater Seattle area. We're expecting about 50 people, it will be outdoor (brave, I know), and we're looking to have someone come and cater it. Nothing too fancy -- we were considering bbq-style (think: brisket, chicken, sides) or something along those lines, but it doesn't have to be (salmon, etc, would be good too). Does anyone have any suggestions for someone that does something like that?

We talked to the guys are Where Y'at Matt, who'd be perfect, but they were busy that weekend....


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  1. Bitterroot in Ballard caters. I don't know how their catered food is, I just saw them wheeling catering carts out the back door when I was there for a cocktail recently.

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      Spady's BBQ Catering out of Poulsbo(they do serve the Greater Seattle area). They catered my wedding this summer and the food was incredible. Check out their website:

    2. It's a catering only place but I used to visit them every year when they were at the Bite. Jasper's BBQ even just once a year was usually the best rib I had all year. Even the picky spouse liked these. The prices are pretty reasonable, too.

      1. Rainin' Ribs, Lake City
        I've not seen Skyler do Salmon, but maybe I just wasn't looking - if he does, I'd try it for sure

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          Second that. I'd kill for their greens.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Try Celtic Cowboy BBQ in Edmonds. They were just reviewed in The Seattle Times at:

            I had their catering at several office parties and it was always great. Very traditional BBQ and sides.