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Sep 21, 2012 01:58 PM

Has anyone tried Benedict's Catering for their Confident Cook Series?

I'm trying to help out some friends who'd like to buy some cooking classes as a christmas present for their 30-ish yo sons - living in the Scottsdale area.

I generally advise against the Sur La Table type / one night / watch someone make a recipe for anyone that wants to actually learn something about cooking. For this reason the Benedict's curriculum looks perfect, and very reasonably priced at $150 per series

Knife Skills, Sauces, Grilling

Soups, Braises, Breads

Moist & Dry Heat Cooking Methods

Does anyone have any experience with these series? How hands on are they? Class size? Instructor knowledge? Well organized? Good for someone with little / basic cooking knowledge? Still a fun night out/ a bit social?

Thanks in advance!

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