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Sep 21, 2012 01:28 PM

Early Dinner Specials in Manhattan - what's the latest?

hello! i am looking for a great place for an early dinner on a Monday night in Manhattan. any great "early bird" dinner specials out there that you would recommend for a pescetarian foodie? i don't have a budget (and i am not a senior citizen)...just looking to take advantage of any deals that might be available given i can dine early for a change! if you have any great "deals" to recommend -- anywhere from casual to super fancy -- i'm all ears! thank you.

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  1. Well, it IS French restaurant week, after all:

    1. I'm not aware of places that have have lower prices for early dinner specials. Such places may exist, but personally, I'd be wary of them. I usually find that if I'm have "dinner" right at the earliest hour that a restaurant may be open (e.g. 5pm), its more likely a very late lunch than an early dinner.

      ETA - Try using Savored since restos use it to fill seats at off hours and you get 30% off

      1. Lavagna has a prix fixe for $32 - your choice of app, main and dessert - 6-7 "nightly" (whatever that means) and 5-7 on Sundays. Good deal if you know you'll be eating dessert.

        1. At Tappo. which serves excellent thin crust pizza on 24th between 6th and B'way, if you buy a pitcher of beer or a bottle of wine you get a free large pizza until 6:30pm.