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Sep 21, 2012 01:09 PM

Pizzaria de Remo, Rome

Hi all
is this the place by Santa Maria Maggiore? Is it pretty good? I'm staying near termini and I wanted a good pizza after I get there next week.
also I wonder if anyone has a place they particularly like for dinner in the area between the Pantheon and Campo d'Fiori?

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  1. Highly recommend Pizza Europa, about two blocks from Termini. Just google it. They make many different variations...and you can get a taste of each for very little $$ (or euro in this case).

    One of our favs is Armando de Pantheon...about 1/4 of a block from the Pantheon...and not touristy at all. Traditional delicious Roman food. Reservations a MUST!!

    1. Remo is in Testaccio, not near the station. There is a recommendation on this old thread of the pizza at La Vecchia Conca, near Santa Maria Maggiore fwiw.

      1. Da Remo is over in Testaccio. It's good, but they don't take reservations so expect to wait in line.

        There are plenty of good restaurants in between the Pantheon and Campo:

        Renato e Luisa is just off Largo Argentina. Definitely reserve ahead. They serve seasonal, traditional food with modern interpretations. A favorite with locals.

        Settimio al Pellegrino: Just off Campo de' Fiori. Again, try to reserve ahead. Extremely simple place, with a limited menu which changes daily. The type of bare bones trattoria that is dying out in Rome. It barely has a sign, and the door is always locked so you have to ring the bell. Once inside, make sure you try one of the nightly pastas, since they hand make their own pasta in the morning (another rarity).

        Hosteria L'Orso 80: A nice place to go if you're with a biggish group since the main thing is to order the antipasto. They have a marvelous spread including everything from mozzerella to meatballs. They bring small plates to the table, starting with cold appetiziers like prosicutto with melon, then moving to hot with fried zucchini flowers, etc. It's not 'hip' or new, but one of the few remaining places in Rome that offers an old fashioned antipasto table.

        La Campana: Located just off Campo de' Fiori, another old fashioned place located amid ancient Roman and Medieval ruins. So, cool interiors. The food in general is very good but my favorite thing to order is their antipasto of fresh pizza bianca served with a bowl of marscapone and a bowl of liver pate. Heaven and unique.

        Hope this helps!

        1. I love Da Remo. It is worth the wait and the crowds.
          The pizza is Roman style with a thin thin crust and don't forget to order some fried things while you are waiting for your pizza.

          One metro stop (Cavour) from Termini is the neighborhood of Monti. It is filled with great wine bars and restaurants.

          For pizza we go to Alle Carrette
          Via Madonna dei Monte 95
          +39 06 679 2770

          Nearer to Centro for pizza I like Montecarlo and Paino. Both are Roman style, cheap, loud and fast.

          Vicolo Savelli, 13
          066 861877

          Del Paino
          Via Di Parione 34/35

          A restaurant spot I like is Cul de Sac. Great wines by the glass and lots of small plates to choose from. The wild boar pate with chocolate, a bowl of onion soup and a glass of Lazio Cesanese is one of my favorite fall meals.
          Piazza di Pasquino, 73
          06 6880 1094