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Sep 21, 2012 12:46 PM

Video Screen Menu

While geting a takeout from the Bankok Cuisine Express in Auburn Hills Michigan I saw something new. The overhead menu was on two large flat screen video monitors instead of written or moviable block letters. Has anyone ever seen this before?

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  1. They have been doing that at some movie theaters in my town for years. They will flash the menu, then a combo deal, then back to the menu.

    1. They look really nice and classy but they change too fast for me while I'm checking out the menu. The one I experienced showed the menu then switched to an ad for a local car dealer then switched back again to the menu.

      1. Yes I see this a lot now, mostly at places where the menu changes are frequent...

        1. I have seen it in a few fast food locations, mostly in high traffic areas (highway service plazas, airports, etc).

          1. Burger King has it here.

            A new Asian fusion place has iPad menus- which to me is really excessive (and the prices reflect it)

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              And McDonalds uses it for their McCafe menu here.