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Sep 21, 2012 12:16 PM

Group dinner at Public - Excellent!

Thanks again to Chowhounders for all you share. While I don’t frequently feel what I might add would be valueable, I read (and appreciate) your messages regularly. Perusing the Manhattan board helped me to choose Public for a special group dinner, even though I (and my guests) had never been.

The events manager Kimberly was very gracious and worked with me via email (my preference) to plan the event. I chose to offer the 3 course prix fixe and Kimberly readily agreed to tweak one option to best accommodate my party. When the number in our group shifted a few hours before the event, it wasn’t a problem.

We all thought the restaurant was gorgeous, especially the lighting. (Another CHer remarked on the atmoshperic temperature on his visit…and yesterday, a late summer/early fall day, it did feel just a little bit too warm around the bar, perhaps in part b/c of the lighting.) It felt stylish, kind of modern-urban romantic. Everyone who helped us, from the hostess, manager Mary and Andy, our wait person, was really terrific. They were kind, flexible, and professional. I couldn’t have received better service.

The food, I thought, was excellent. It was just the right balance of “different” w/o being too exotic that my guests - who included adventurous eaters and decidedly not adventurous eaters - were all comfortable. The group feedback ranged from delicious to very good, and everyone said they want to return soon.

I highly recommend Public, especially if you’re hosting a group!

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  1. Which dishes do you recommend at Public? Did you try the kangaroo or wild boar?

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      We didn't try the kangaroo or boar. (These were not options on the set group menu.) I had a scallop appetizer which was very good, though it didn't necessarily feel very different from what you might get elsewhere. The duck entree was excellent, and did feel distinctive. (It was served with a sesame soy dressing.)