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Sep 21, 2012 12:07 PM

Best wurst?

Just what the title says. Where are the best places in Manhattan to get a proper wurst? Both restaurants and stores for take-home, please. I'm a fan of the brats and kielbasi at my local place, Lederhosen, but I have to imagine there's better out there. Is it worth the trip to 86th St.?

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  1. Take home; Schaller and Weber on 2nd and 86th st, just near lederhosen I think. For restaurants, try Zum Schneider on ave C and 7th and Loreley in the Lower East Side.

    1. There's Lindbrot on LES and East village. Theres also a brat place on 1st ave and E.7th St just north of 7th, on east side of street,,,,,i forgot the name.
      I like the title of your post,

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      1. re: foodwhisperer

        That is Wechsler's and is very, very good

        Also, on St. Marks - believe it or not - Japadog has a pretty good bratwurst

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          Thanks for Wechsler name ( i always forget the name), and i thank Alan Henderson for the Landbrot name. I am probably one of the few Chowhounders that enjoy Japadog. Ive had the bratwurst there, and I like the other dogs and the fries and free pickles.

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          That would be Landbrot, and it is LES and West village (7th ave between W 10th and Charles).

        3. DBGB and/or Epicerie Boulud.

          1. Thanks for the recommendations. Clearly, I've got a lot of sausage to sample. I'll have to give Landbrot another try -- I was not happy with the first brat I had there a couple weeks ago. No opinons of Heidelberg?

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            1. re: nokitchen

              Cafe Katja on Orchard St. is very close to reopening their newly expanded space.

              An expanded menu is in the works, and their wursts have always been top notch.

              For take home, you can't do much better than Schaller & Weber...


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                The W├╝rste at Heidelberg are fine. They're sourced next door from Schaller & Weber so you really can't go wrong... unless you try to order anything else on the menu. If Shake Shack has their Oktoberfest menu up already, the brat burger is also worth a try. Over the top, but tasty.

              2. Just saw this in the new time out issue, schaller and weber now have next door cafe serving their specialty wursts as sandwiches

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                  1. re: Ttrockwood

                    Funny how things come around.

                    They now see a place for something like this, 20 or 25 years after the Ideal closed.

                    1. re: Sneakeater

                      I actually think they've filled an unmet need. There isn't much grab-and-go in that immediate vicinity aside from Fairway and a couple pizza parlors. The small sandwiches at Schaller & Weber are the perfect small snack/meal for the busy young professionals who populate Yorkville. I've noticed demographics in the shop skewing younger and younger now that they've started offering the new menu.