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Sep 21, 2012 11:35 AM

Paris for 4 nights - Two 3* Lunches planned. Non-Michelin - but nice! - dinner suggestions needed

We are headed to Paris for 4 romantic nights before the arrival of our first child. We arrive on Wed. Oct. 4 and depart on Sun. Oct. 7. We have lunch planned at Guy Savoy & Le Cinq (Thursday and Saturday, respectively.) We are looking for a great restaurant recommendation for Friday night and possibly a casual bistro for a small night snack for Thursday & Saturday.

I've read some inspiring things about Spring, Saturne, Chez L'Ami Jean, and from a colleague, Chez Les Anges. Any thoughts on those options? Dinner should be nice, just not 3* Mich. pricing.

Also, we'll be staying near Louis Vuitton. Not the "coolest" part of town but centrally located for a big pregnant lady who wants a 5* hotel. For our first day, any great lunch or dinner suggestions not too inconvenient from that location?

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  1. I think "Spring, Saturne, Chez L'Ami Jean" are all just fine but had an off meal at Chez Les Anges which prompted me to uncustom it.

    1. re first day
      "near Louis Vuitton"?? There are LV stores on the place Vendôme and place St Germain but I presume you mean the one on of the horrible Champs Elysées (which means lots of over-priced, over-designed restos with mediocre cuisine) ... if so, I'd suggest the aggressively and successfully modern Akrame on the rue Lauriston (about a 10-minute walk from "near Louis Vuitton") or the much improved Le Vernet in the Hotel Vernet on the rue Vernet (5 min walk) ... a typical meal with wine at both is around the 125 € mark (ouch!) but you can get away for much less at dinner (especially since wifey won't be drinking) and for less than 50 € for lunch. The restaurant at the Hotel Raphael on the avenue Kléber has come roaring back to life under a new chef but a wee bit pricey ... there's a very good lunch deal for 58 € but at least double that for dinner ... incidentally, the terrace bar on the top floor has fabulous views of both the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. I'm also kinda fond of Le W restaurant on the top floor of the Warwick Hotel on the rue de Berri but only in warm weather when the terrace is open, the views are available, and I can ignore the irritating decor inside... (pray for an Indian summer!)... and under 30 € for a 2-course lunch "formule" during the week. If a 20-minute walk isn't too much, my standard rec for anyone in the Champs Elysées area is to make the trek to the very likable Caius on the rue d'Armaillé in the 17th (just 400 metres beyond the Arc de Triomphe). One more possibility: Mini-Palais in the Grand Palais on the avenue Winston Churchill (15- to 20-min walk)... great setting and lots of different eating options (full meal, snacks, bar food, etc) and open late but, very occasionally, haughty service.

      1. I'd add 39 V, so-named because it's supposed to be at 39, avenue George-V in the 8th, but the entrance is actually at 17 Rue Quentin-Bauchart* (Metro: George-V), which has forced-choice lunch menus at 39.50 (2 courses) and 49.50 € (three), and a la carte 50-60 €, and
        Le Charbon Rouge, 25, rue Marbeuf in the 8th,, open 7/7 with a plat du jour at 15, forced, 3-course menu at 23,50 (salmon) and a la carte about 40-50 E.
        But Parnassien's Akrame, MiniPalais and Caius (although I haven't been in years) are terrifuc suggestions as well.