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Sep 21, 2012 11:16 AM

Where to buy French Butter?

Anyone know where I can purchase French butter in the DC metro area? I'm leaving for Paris next month and was considering bringing some back, but if I can find it here then I will not.

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  1. I found some butter from the Charentes region at Whole Foods (Vienna, but I'm sure they have it elsewhere) a few months ago - for my Bastille Day dinner, to be more precise. That was the only French butter they had though, fwiw.

    I'm jealous of your Paris trip. I have to wait until next May to get my fix. :-) Have a great trip!

    1. Try Arrow Wine at Lorcom Lane and Lee Highway. They have the greatest selection of French cheeses anywhere. It might be worth a shot.

      1. I think Harris Teeter carries it. maybe it's Belgian.

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          It depends on the Harris Teeter. The company has 3 store styles, a basic grocery, a midlevel, and a more gourmet (dry-aged beef on premisis). I've seen it at the third level but not at the other two.

          1. re: Vidute

            ahh didn't know that. it was the Cap Hill location IIRC. maybe it was Danish butter.

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              Do you think Dean and Deluca might carry it?

              1. re: Vidute

                certainly worth a phone call. (which applies to all suggestions)

                1. re: hill food

                  I'm surprised how many people are unaware that they can take the initiative and make a call.
                  Case in point. Last year a post asked about a certain cherry orchard. Since I had picked there previously, I knew that they would not be open last year. Along with the info, I provided the phone number for the owner. Jump to this year, a continuation of last year's post, asking the status of the orchard for this year. Sheesh.

        2. NOT AT EVERY LOCATION,I have seen more than 6 different selections in the past six months.
          This is shopping on the Bethesda to Olney to Columbia corridor and Frederick.
          COSTCO (periodically).
          CALVERT WOODLEY , RODMAN'S , COWGIRL CREAMERY and a few other place like them.

          ADD More than six domestic,hand made cultured in the french style as well as Denmark,Ireland and N.Z.

          specialty butter has become very easy to find .....
          you might want to save label information with a photo if there is one that was a stand out for you

          1. The Harris Teeter at McHenry Row in Baltimore has sweet and salted butter imported from france, denmark, ireland and italy. Confirmed as of 6pm this evening.