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I went to Philly?

Passed this place on Yonge near College. I didn't have time to stop but the sign on the window advertises "American style Philadelphia Cheese Steak sandwiches." I am curious if anyone has tried them out yet and how they measure up.

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  1. Just read about this place on Postcity:
    Crazy that they have a whole basement full of Yoohoo.

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        Cute story, they definitely sound genuine, hopefully the product is good and they are successful.

      2. Adding this to my list of places to try when in the area next.

        1. Thanks for this info. Definitely looks interesting....

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            As someone who lives in Philly, I'm always amazed at how much people enjoy Philly cheese
            steaks. We stayed at a fabulous hotel in Quito and one of their restaurants featured "Steak Sandwich Philly" We thought that was hysterical. And yes, the traditional cheese steak has cheez whiz!

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              That link was already posted by num nums earlier. However, there is a new article up on Blogto about this place:


            2. I went in for lunch about a week ago and had the cheese steak with onions peppers, provolone and cheez whiz.
              All in all it was pretty good - not the best cheese steak I've ever had but certainly one of the more authentic ones in Toronto.
              I noticed that the meat seemed to have some sort of sauce on it - I think it was probably a bit of worchester sauce that it might be cooked with. It was good, but I think I prefer cheese steak with just the basic grilled beef flavour.

              1. I read about this place on the weekend. I absolutely love cheesesteaks and eat a few when I visit Philly every year. I've made awesome ones at home too, tho I haven't found rolls up here that come close to the ones that are standard down there. I'll give this place a shot, but there are two things that stood out as atypical to a true cheesesteak that I question. The first is really minor, but authentic, I think. Mushrooms. Love 'em. Eat tons of them. But never on a cheesesteak. Apart from onions, the only veg I think should be on a steak is maybe peppers, maybe pickles. However, the sauce of Worcestershire and soy sauces sounds like a deal breaker to me. I don't see why you'd need anything more than salt and pepper if your meat is good quality.
                This all being said, TO ME, the undisputed king of sandwiches from PHL is the Schmitter. I have at least one from Lee's Hoagie House when I'm back there. As well, a Tony Luke's pork loin sandwich with broccoli rabe and hot peppers is pretty amazing.

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                  Have you ever had the Food Cabbie version??

                  I tried it and really, really enjoyed it. He doesn't use Provolone or Wiz but a Cheddar Sauce that was really good.


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                    Mushroom cheesesteaks are very common, thus authentic.

                    i have never seen or seen offered a cheesesteak with pickles.

                    Pickles on a hoagie is kind of a Subway thing.

                  2. Tried the Philly cheese steak with onions and got it to go. I didn't want to stick around to listen to Kanye's "Mercy" on high volume or the young male staff loudly discuss their plans for their evening. Call me a curmudgeon, I am one.

                    It's a tasty sandwich, but the flavour wasn't really what I wanted it to be. There wasn't enough beefiness and I wanted a bit more beef. The Cheez Whiz ended up making the sandwich pretty salty. I would've liked more onions for more textural contrast and sweetness, but that's easy to fix. I think I also would've liked a roll which had a bit more resistance, crust-wise, but the roll isn't objectionable.

                    I imagine the sandwich would make great post-drinking food and its salty cheesiness would really hit the spot late at night.

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                      a traditional italian bun for sandwiches of this kind should be soft with a slight chewiness and no significant crust.

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                        The buns don't have any chewiness at all. They are really soft, like wonder bread. That was my main problem with my sandwich. By the time I got it to my desk (and I work right across the street, so it wasn't sitting for long), the bun was over soggy and wet on the bottom.

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                          that's a shame... i'm just going to stick to doing them up at home.

                    2. There is a deal on Teambuy for this place with three different options to choose from. Unlimited buys too.

                      Might pick one up for myself.

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                        Thanks for the heads up, I don't checked those group buy sites as much as I used to.

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                          who does the math at these coupon places?

                          $6 for 1 Traditional Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, 1 Regular Hand-Cut Fries and 1 Can of Pop ($13 Value)
                          $12 for 2 Traditional Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches, 2 Regular Hand-Cut Fries and 2 Cans of Pops ($27 Value)

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                            No problem.

                            I don't check them often either, but I happen to be purchasing a couple of Lindt vouchers and saw it, so I thought I'd post it.

                        2. I went, I tried the traditional whiz and onions only, and I think once was enough. It was ok but that's it for me and the size for me was way too big. It wasn't offensive but it was so processed in taste and mouth feel to me that I don't think I could eat anything one ever again.

                          That being said, I'm still shocked at the size and I have no idea how one would consumer a full sandwich and an order of fries.

                          Oh and on the bills at the bottm - "God Bless" - strange but true.

                          1. I just tried this place using the TeamBuy coupon. I thought it was really good. They gave a lot of beef which was tender and the provolone worked well with the cheez whiz. I ate it there so didn't find the sandwich to be soggy at all, everything worked perfectly. They gave me so many fries that I could barely eat all of them. Fresh-cut and fried, nothing better. Staff was very friendly and looking to make a great experience. I will definitely be going back!

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                              Thanks for the pic! Just bought a voucher. Might as well try on a discount.

                            2. Headed there for lunch right now. Will report back.


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                                  Yes it was. Well, VERY enjoyable anyway.

                                  Yoohoo, while a nice treat is, in the end, "Chocolate drink." Even the first ingredient on the label is water. So really what you're drinking is chocolate flavoured water. Not a complaint, it's just what it is. I'd order it again next time. Although the Stewart's beverages are top notch.

                                  The Cheese Steak Fries are really good. I first sampled some of the perimeter fries (as is my norm) to get a sense of what their like on their own. Really quite good. Kinda like Stack's in that they're not overly salty and nicely done. Where as Banh Mi Boys fries are more salty. One isn't better than the other. Just different levels of salt. It's a pretty hefty load of fries and as such, I could only eat about half of them. Splitting would be in order here.

                                  I loved the sandwich. I ordered "Traditional, Wit." In other words, steak, onions (wit) and both Provolone and Wiz. I didn't watch them cook it so I can't comment on the soy/worch sauce comments but my sandwich didn't seem to be sauced. It was plenty juicy and required several napkins. The taste was terrific however I've never been to Philadelphia so I can't comment on it's authenticity. Near as I can tell from my PCS in Gettysburg (which I have on good authority is spot on) , this is right in the ball park.

                                  One thing I've noticed about PCS's is there seems to be a bit larger window of authenticity. Provolone, Wiz or both are all acceptable. Peppers, yes or no, onions and mushrooms are all variables that are still considered "Traditional." So based on that, I'd say we have the real thing.
                                  As I told the owner, even if people say it's not "Authentic" shouldn't detract from the simple fact, this is a really tasty sandwich.

                                  I have one complaint about this place and it's just part of my own idiocity I suppose. I love burgers, cheesesteaks, etc with the juice running down your arm. It's great. I hate, hate, hate when they don't have napkins up to the challenge. They have crappy little ones in the chrome dispenser that are about as good as a bailing bucket on the Titanic.

                                  Certainly blogworthy.


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                                    Thanks for the report! Awesome. Looking forward to using my vouchers!!

                                    1. re: magic

                                      Lemmie know when. Maybe we can hook up.


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                                      Good to see some liking the place. When I went i really liked as well. Again I can't speak to authenticity but it was indeed a good sandwich.

                                2. I finally checked it out this week. Very tasty stuff.

                                  I've actually never had a Philly cheesesteak before so this was a new experience for me. In terms of flavour and overall experience it actually reminded me a lot of Burger’s Priest/Holy Chuck, oddly enough. But without the hefty price tag. Very fair prices.

                                  Sandwich was delicious. There was a satisfactory amount of meat but I guess I was expecting and abundant amount given all that I think I know about cheesesteaks. In other words, I think I would have appreciated some more meat, as lsk also notes on this thread. I found the cheese, onions and peppers delicious but the beef flavour got lost a tad against the dreamy cheese. Meat was succulent though, certainly not dry.

                                  Overall, it was definitely delicious and I will definitely be back.

                                  Oh, fresh cut fries were damn good but benefitted from some extra salt and ketchup. Bun was good. Staff was really nice and there were plenty of seats, even though they seemed busy enough. Cash only. Boo!

                                  Burgers also looked delish! Will be back.

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                                    1. re: magic

                                      Yeah, the lunch special at $7.99 with traditional, fries and drink served 11am to 6pm is a good deal. I find that their normal/non special prices are not that low though...

                                      I added provolone the last time I went and I enjoyed the sandwich more this time around. I think last time they maybe overcooked it or something, seemed a lot drier the first time and I don't think that some provolone would have made that much of a difference.

                                      Anyone had the burgers? (maybe missed it in this thread already).

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                                        A ‘Traditional’ with whiz, provolone and onions is $7.90 and fresh cut fries (a good amount) are $3.50, when not purchased as a lunch special.

                                        Considering it is all scratch-made, right on Yonge, and very good, I think that is pretty reasonable. I'd like to see a bit more meat on my sandwich, but was still happy with the value. Especially compared to other indulgent street style foods in this city.

                                        To me, at least (and I'm a GD cheapskate).

                                        And yes, the lunch special is truly excellent value! The burger special is $6.99. I mean…. come on!!!!

                                      2. re: magic

                                        I will chime in to say that the $7.99 lunch special (valid till 6:00PM) is a pretty good deal.

                                        Having never been to Philly I don't know how authentic the cheese-steak is but it is a quality product with lots of meat on a nice soft Italian roll. The fries aren't bad either. They give you a huge quantity. Almost too much! I would prefer if they gave only half the amount of fries and added some coleslaw to make it a better balanced meal. I think that they would get more business that way because people are looking for balance in their diets. Adding coleslaw would give the meal a more "healthy" appearance.

                                        I want to try the Cheese Burger combo special next which seems like a good deal at $6.99. Has anyone tried this yet?

                                        I agree with others that the regular prices are just too high for this product. If they discontinue the lunch special pricing I doubt I would go back. But on the plus side the family that run it are nice and the restaurant is spotless which is rare on Yonge Street!

                                      3. There's a location opening on Eglinton (south side) just east of Allen Rd. Right next door to Frida.

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                                            1. re: magic

                                              The traffic in that area is a freakin' nightmare! Good luck to them.

                                              1. re: petek

                                                And it ain't gonna get better for 2 years at least with TTC construction

                                                1. re: petek

                                                  Yessir. That might be a tough spot to open/maintain a restaurant. I do wish wish them well.

                                                  1. re: magic

                                                    Most of Eglinton(west of Leslie) is going to be a major shit show for the next couple of years.Good luck to all the restaurants and businesses on that route...

                                          1. Closing the loop here - I posted about this place in the openings thread back in August 2012. They are now closing in a few days due to construction of another condo. (Sad that this whole street is becoming packed with condos but that's another story). They will still have their north location at 997 Eglinton West.)

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                                            1. re: bluefirefly

                                              Sad!! I went a few times and really liked their cheesesteak. (I prefer mine "wit'out" as Cheez Whiz is too salty for my taste.) It's been a while since I was in Philly, but it certainly reminded me of what I had there. I was hoping this place would be a neighbourhood fixture. Darn condos...

                                              1. re: Klafouti

                                                "Wit out" means without onion. "Whiz wit" would be Cheez Whiz and onion.


                                              2. re: bluefirefly

                                                That's very unfortunate. Truly our loss.

                                                Hopefully the Eglinton location can make a go of it.

                                                1. re: bluefirefly

                                                  Ugh, I appreciate Yonge St for what it is now too. Tried this place once, the wiz was a deal breaker for me but I thought it was a fun little place, I liked that they extended the American theme to drinks and snack cakes you can't get elsewhere.

                                                  1. re: julesrules

                                                    Try again and ask for Provolone, not Whiz.


                                                  2. re: bluefirefly

                                                    Crap! Hopefully they open up another downtown location at some point. :-(

                                                  3. Went to the Eglinton location, got provolone (because Cheese Whiz disgusts me no matter where you put it) and onions.

                                                    Meat was good, but I tasted neither provolone or onion in my sandwich. Someone else who had the same toppings agreed that the onions would be better caramelized.

                                                    The hot pepper side was appreciated, as was the Yoohoo. Not a bad place, but not a destination for Philly steak.

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                                                      1. re: Pincus

                                                        Caramelized onions might take the Philly out of the cheese steak.:)

                                                        1. re: prima

                                                          Any onion flavour would have been welcome on the day.