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Sep 21, 2012 11:09 AM

Ninja Cooker (the slowcooker, not the blender)

Has anyone ordered this and tried it yet? looks very interesting, and I like the fact that you can saute/brown in it.

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  1. I am also looking for reviews on the Ninja . . . I believe that it's just too new yet to be adequately reviewed. What little I have found however, greatly criticizes it's non stick coating in a very negative way.

    1. Let's just say I'm skeptical after reading the press release here:

      Just like most of these wonder appliances, this is more hype than reality. Just like most infomercials, there is more hype than information.

      Let's start with, "Super-heated steam captures natural juices, ..." I have worked around steam boilers for nearly 40 years and I absolutely guarantee they are not using superheated steam (yes, one word). Superheated steam has virtually no moisture in it. This is good for operating an electric generator, but lousy for capturing anything. It is the water droplets in the steam that transfer the heat and capture stuff. To make superheated steam you take regular steam under pressure and reheat it.

      In this one it looks like you put a bit of liquid in the bottom of the pot and cook stuff on a rack. The liquid boils and makes regular steam. Nothing preventing you from doing that in a regular crock pot.

      Nothing is available on what the various slow cook temperatures are or the "keep warm" temp.

      Throw in all the "free" stuff and you have a cooker worth about half the price.

      IMO, this is an overpriced crock pot. It may work ok, but so does any crock pot for half the price or less...a lot less.

      It also sounds similar to this: With this one, at least it is a known brand.

      Bottom Line: I'm not reaching for my credit card.

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      1. re: al b. darned

        Looks like in addition to standard slow cooker capabilities it has what they call "stovetop" setting, which allows you to sear or reduce in the pot, and an "oven" setting with temperature up to 425F. It will be interesting to see independent reports on how well it works.

      2. Purchased the Ninja slowcooker this past week. Have used twice both with my own recipes as I am trying to follow Weight Watchers. So far the slow cooker worked great...loved the timer that counts down..I don't have to set a separate timer. Last night I used it in the stovetop mode.
        Worked great...browned the boneless chix thighs, then added broth and seasoning and simmered covered. So far no complaints. I am looking for lower calorie recipes than comes with the book.

        1. Marking, as I was thinking of putting this on my Christmas list. :) (never thought I'd turn into that person who asks for functional items as gifts! ;D)