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Sep 21, 2012 10:37 AM

fresh rice noodles

I love fresh rice noodles, but not having a car makes it difficult to get to places like Marina Oriental market. Is there anywhere in the Mission to buy them? I vaguely remember a discussion here once about a place on 16th street, but I can't seem to find the thread. Duc Loi used to have them, but not recently.

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  1. Here's the thread about the place on 16th Street. I was actually just thinking about this place the other day, but I don't know if it's still there. Looks like the last update was from 2010, though I haven't personally been since 2008

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    1. re: Dave MP

      It is still there, as of last month.

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        Definitely still there as of 3 weeks ago, just ring the bell if the door is closed. As the thread mentions, it's not a retail shop, so when they buzz you in they may not acknowledge you (and it's not really the shiniest establishment). Tell someone what you want and it's easier if you bring exact change ($1/lb noodles). Sometimes you also have to sort of take what they give you. Once I got the sliced noodles, expecting sheets. So if you want something specific I would say so. Regardless, my dad goes there when he wants his plain noodles with oyster sauce comfort food, and those noodles are as fresh as can be!

        Also, if you're only on public transit and can't make Kun Wo's hours, I sometimes pick up fresh rice noodles at one of the SE Asian markets in the Tenderloin. Hiep-Thanh consistently has them.

    2. I had dinner at a friend's house in the Mission and he had just asked a Thai restaurant if he could buy a couple pound of noodles from them. Since most of the noodles from the rice noodle factory that may or may not still be open are delivered to restaurants, and restaurants have more convenient hours for the working person, I'd try that.

      1. Still selling them as of today. Thanks to CH for this tip! It's super close to my house and the noodles are very fresh. The older rice noodles get, the harder it is to work with them (not to mention that I saw packages sporting furry mold at Duc Loi once), so finding them this fresh is a real treat.