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Sep 21, 2012 10:14 AM


Just went there for lunch today and it's definitely the best ramen I've had in Toronto.Figure the place needs it own post since it was lumped into the Santouka post.

We ordered the fried chicken, the gyoza and two bowls of ramen. The fried chicken was the weakest component. Pieces were kind of small and I think a bit skimpy for $4.50. Flavour was a bit on the bland side, but at least it was crispy and the meat was juicy. The gyoza were flavourful and well textured. Don't really know what I can add to the description. I had the tonkotsu ramen. 1) the broth wasn't overly salty, which is what you get at some places; 2) I got a good dose of pork flavour, not knock me over the head, but definitely present and more substantial than what you get from other places such as kenzo and kinton; 3) the noodles were nice and springy and maintained decent texture until the end; 4) the egg was perfectly cooked, with a nice runny yolk; 5) the pork belly had good texture and was thick enough to be substantial, though could have been a bit more seasoned; and...well that's it really. Solid soup.

Went there at about 11:45 and by noon there was a decent-sized lineup. Total for all the food and four beers, including 15% tip, was $66.

Feel free to disagree. In any case, if this is the direction Toronto Ramen is going (and for the record, I wasn't that crazy about Kinton) then I'm a happy dude.

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  1. At 179 Dundas Street West.

    Thanks for the report. I can see a lot of Asian restaurants in my near future.

    1. For me, the broth is fine, the egg and chashu is maybe the best in Toronto, but I have been there now three times and two of the times the noodles were too starchy and doughy, like they werent cooked long enough. Prefer Kinton but very glad that this place is around. Now bring on Santouka and Raijin!

      1. I thought this place was just ok - similar level to Kinton (I preferred Kinton's noodle but Sansotei's soup). My noodles at Sansotei were fine but for some reason I got a cold egg both here and at Kinton. Except for being too lazy to make the pork, I'd just as soon make ramen at home as go to Kinton or Sansotei. But I agree that overall the ramen in Toronto is improving significantly; this has been a pretty awesome food year!

        I didn't notice any bar seating at Sansotei, is that correct? I was seated at the front window so didn't go too far in. I like how you can sit at the bar in Kinton, it feels more natural to me when eating ramen.

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        1. re: ggom1

          Depends what you mean by bar seating - those front window seats I would consider "bar" type stools except theres no actual bar there.

          1. re: themiguel

            Oops should have clarified - I meant the type of bar seating where you're sitting where they make the ramen.

        2. Been there twice.

          First time there, the noodles were overcooked. Chashu was great, soup was good. (Not the best I've tasted, but best up to now in Toronto). Was a bit annoyed by the cold egg yolk.

          Second time last night, noodles were cooked just right, broth was about the same, Chashu while still good, was not as good as the first time. Egg yolk was still cold.

          Compared to Kinton, I think Sansotei is better overall. Both had cold egg yolks, but the broth and chashu was better at Sansotei. Can't say which had better noodles cause I don't think Sansotei is probably still inconsistent based on my experience.

          Only comparible ramen I've had in Toronto was Koyoi's limited quantity ramen on Wednesdays, that was a long time ago, not sure if they are still doing it. However, Koyoi charged $13 a bowl, where as Sansotei charged $9.50(I think...).

          Anyway, can't wait til the other expected openings this year! :D

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          1. re: wciu

            I pretty much had the exact same experience as you.

            Went twice, had tonkotsu the first time, miso the second (ordered extra chashu though). Egg yolk cold both times. Same opinion on the tonkotsu broth. I had some choice chasu pieces in my miso but not as consistently good as when I had the tonkotsu.

            I definitely think this is better than Kinton (but I only tried their shoyu before) but for now this does have the best tonkotsu in Toronto (which isn't saying much). Can't wait to try Raijin and Santouka.

            1. re: wciu

              I feel better knowing other people had cold eggs too! No one else I knew seemed to have gotten cold eggs so I felt like I was in some sort of strange egg-warp...

              1. re: ggom1

                I liked the broth the best out of all in Toronto. This is a decent good place. could be better but ill continue to come here. Been twice so far.

            2. I'm a big fan of this place, not just because it's right around the corner from my office.

              Elegant in its simplicity, serving incredibly tasty (!) broth with simple ramen noodles (which one time were a little under-done; no doubt they'll be bang on as the kitchen gets used to itself), and a tidy, few-frills room.

              Can't want to see what this place grows into, and I hope it stays for a very long time indeed.