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Sep 21, 2012 09:53 AM

[Aldford, Nr Chester, Cheshire] Grosvenor Arms

Doesn’t time fly? I’d never have thought it was three years since we last ate here but my notes confirm it is. Things don’t seem to have changed, except that it’s clearly busier. Lunchtime saw us scratching round for a free table. Other than that, there’s still a good looking menu and staff who are friendly and know what’s what about serving pub food.

Life had interrupted our plans for the day and we only had time for a main course. But they were pretty good.

There were two Gruyere, spinach, potato and olive cakes – think veggie fishcakes for appearance. Tasty and pretty good for a veggie fishcake. They were coated in walnut crumbs fried to a nice crispness. So far, so good. They sat on a butterbean casserole – beans, a well flavoured tomato sauce, topped with strips of roasted red pepper. It worked well.

The burger was a good ‘un. Half a pound of decent beef, topped with bacon, cheddar, lettuce, onion, tomato and gherkin. It was a big lad. Too big, in fact, for the soft pappy bun which proceeded to fall apart as soon as I picked it up. Alongside, decent chips –proper chip sized chips and none of your fries or “fat” chips nonsense. A dollop of creamy coleslaw and another dollop of a slightly too sweet tomato chutney completed a very full plate. Good effort and I thoroughly enjoyed it – even if some of the more gloopy bits fell off the bread onto my shirt.

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  1. Proper chip sized chips - are these round, Harters? sorry for the american-not-know-how....

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    1. re: mariacarmen

      No. Think of a "proper" chip as being around the size of your index finger. Much bigger than American style fries as served by, say, McDonalds. Would you call them "home fries"?

      You'll know that fish & chips are a very common takeaway item here. When I was young, so we're going back around 50 years, fish & chip shops used to sell a "round chip" which were known as scallops (at least here in north west England), Havnt seen them in many years.

      1. re: Harters

        In the US, most proper English chips would be known as "steak fries"
        Home fries are entirely different, usually being pan-fried, pre-boiled cuts of potato.

        1. re: r.vacapinta

          When I think of home fries here in the UK, I think of what M&S does in a frozen bag.. I think it comes with Mediterranean veg.. small bits, as you say.

        2. re: Harters

          ah, yes, maybe something in between a french fry and a steak fry... depending on the thickness of your index finger, of course. i'm not fond of a steak fry, as i find them often too mealy in the middle, not enough crispiness because of the thickness, to me. i think they're twice the width of your proper chips.

          home fries can just be sliced rounds, or rounds cut in half or quarters, or even diced like hash - pan fried, as r.vacapinta says, and can have sauteed onions and bell pepper. i prefer without the veggies.

          i just googled some pics. from left to right: a proper chip, steak fries, home fries.