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Sep 21, 2012 09:32 AM

1 - 1.5 hr meals, 2 hr max?

Hi all,

We'll be travelling with our 13 month old toddler to Paris for the first time for a week. We have done our research and know that it's not going to be easy eating in restaurants with such a young toddler. We've been going out with her in San Francisco to restaurants and found that 1 hr - 1 1/2 hr meals are probably max for her before she starts getting antsy. Other than that, she's pretty adventurous and love to try new food and haven't found anything that she doesn't like yet, and that's including sweetbreads.

We've also read the thread from Lupadog travelling with their two year old and found it very helpful, but also realize that one year old and two year olds can be quite different.

Could you offer any advice on the following places to be in and out within 1.5 hrs and still enjoy our meal? We'll try to go mostly for lunch, with other meals to be cooked at the apartment rental or take out.

1. Cafe du Mussee
2. L'Ambassade d'Auvergne
3. Cafe Breizh
4. Les Papilles
5. Dans Les Landes

Thanks so much!

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  1. All of the above will be fine.
    And for searching perfection it's the Café des Musées.

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    1. re: John Talbott

      Thanks so much for the feedback John. Will go and try to make the reservations now.

      1. re: M_and_H

        Dans Les Landes has very prompt service, nearly too prompt for some of my friends. Maybe ,just fine for families with children.

        Today we lunched at Café des Musées. The nice 3-course lunch took about 2 hours. At the next table was a very restaurant-friendly little girl about 2 years old. She who was very quiet and well behaved got a little antsy toward the end. 2 hours is a very long time for children, even that one who was an absolute angel, much quieter and better behaved than some of my friends !

        1. re: Parigi

          Thanks Parigi for the feedback. We took her to Slanted Door in San Francisco last night, she was fairly well behaved for the most time, although we had to take her out about one time for a 10-15 mins stroll between appetizer & entree. The whole meal took around 2 - 2.5 hrs. Hopefully, it'll be quite as successful in Paris.

          We're also considering 2 other options as they're pretty close to our apartment. Chez Denise and Robert et Louise, are these two places doable?

    2. Thank you again everyone for the feedback. We just returned from our trip to Paris and had a blast. We tried to try as much as possible to snack or bring food back to the apartment to enjoy. We were able to hit a few restaurants that we had in mind with great success. L'Ambassade & Cafe Des Musees for dinner (baby was asleep throughout the whole dinner). Les Papilles for lunch and baby was exceptionally well behaved and enjoyed tastes of our food, and even played with a neighboring table.

      Highlights from the trip:
      1. Lentil salad from L'Ambassade
      2. Andouilette from Cafe Des Musees
      3. Everything from Les Papilles (our favorite meal)
      4. Caramel crepe from Breizh Cafe
      5. Veal tart from Pain de Sucre
      6. Caramels from Jacques Genin
      7. Macaroons from Laduree and Victor et Hugo
      8. Shawerma from L'As Du Falafel and Mi-Va-Mi
      9. 36 month Comte
      10. Coquelet Rotisserie

      Once again, thank you everyone.

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      1. re: M_and_H

        Well done !
        Secret: I love coquelet too. One can always count on it being so juicy and tasty from a rôtisserie.

        1. re: Parigi

          That's why I get it at M. Mat, rue du Poteau.

          1. re: John Talbott

            We got ours at Stevenot Rotisserie in Marais, next to Marche des Enfants Rogue.

        2. re: M_and_H

          I'd love to heat about the Pain de Sucre tart -- I'm a huge fan of their sweet stuff but have need had anything savory.

          1. re: Nancy S.

            Their savory items are located two stores down next to the sweet one. We tried their mushroom tart, duck & foie gras tart, and veal tart. Each one we have to take it back to the apartment to heat up for another 10-20 minutes, depending on the tart. They are all delicious with the veal tart being outstanding. Each cost around 7-12 euro.

            Give it a try.

            1. re: M_and_H

              Do you have the address for Pain de Sucre?