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Sep 21, 2012 09:01 AM

Anyone been to the new Piedmont?

I understand that Piedmont has a new chef. Has anyone been there lately to check out the new regime?

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  1. I went with a group of 10 last Monday and we were all fairly underwhelmed. Reports ranged from okay to terrible. I had fish (I think it was mahi mahi, but I'm not positive I correctly remember) on a bed of spicy lentils. The fish was fishy smelling but only slightly fishy tasting. The lentils were the highlight of the meal. I heard reports of bad pasta dishes and just okay beef and pork dishes, but I didn't eat them so I can't comment. I felt like the dishes were on the pricy side and was surprised to see that they charge for bread. Overall, I feel like there are much better places in the immediate area that have similar prices and more attentive service. I will not be returning.

    1. I went last Wednesday evening to have a quick bite before a show at Manbitesdog Theater. It turns out that every Wednesday appetizers are $5.00 each so it was a good chance for my wife and I to order a few light snacks and a round of drinks before the show. We had the kale cesear salad with poached tuna, the grilled shrimp skewer salad and the butternut squash bisque. For drinks we had the Bitter Bull (gin, Cocchi Americano, Campari, lavender-orange bitters) and a dark and stormy.

      Everything we ordered was enjoyable but, again, we didn't have time to order a full meal. I'd be interested to try them for a full course meal when I have more time to spare. All in all, it doesn't seem that much different than when Chef Marco was still there.

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        Quick update to this thread. I was part of a medium sized dinner party last night at Piedmont and everyone agreed that the food and service was excellent. Plates that were ordered (and licked clean) at the table included:

        (*) Pan-seared Carolina redfish, blue crab, smoked white lima beans, Root Down Farm’s roasted cauliflower, apricot beurre blanc.

        (*) Melina’s handmade butternut squash “lune,” wild mushrooms, JohnstonCounty country ham, beurre noisette, crispy sage.

        (*) Smoked Coon Rock Farm’s pork chop, Tuscan-style potatoes, sautéed kale, golden raisin, poached apple, juniper jus.

        (*) Chapel Hill Creamery “Calvander” risotto, Root Down Farm’s beet “carpaccio,” roasted butternut squash, sautéed kale, onion and caraway ash.

        Descriptions above were copied from the Piedmont website which seems to have undergone a pleasant makeover, much like the Piedmont dining room which has been adorned with new paint and wooden artwork for the walls.

        They also have a daily "$4.01 bar menu" which has light snacks like smoked trout dip, spiced pecans, marinated olives, duck confit crostini, and (strangely) a chicken leg.

      2. Any recent updates on Piedmont? I haven't eaten there at its current iteration, wondering if it's worth a try.

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          I went a few weeks ago when they had just re-introduced their weekend brunch. Everything my wife and I had was very tasty. Although we didn't order from the brunch cocktail list, it appeared to be brief but interesting. Service was friendly and knowledgeable and the coffee was excellent.

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            I read something about them updating the kitchen. Of course having a great kitchen doesn't mean the food will taste any better, but it can't hurt.