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Sep 21, 2012 08:57 AM

Suggestions for Lunch/Dinner next week in Baltimore

I will be in Baltimore next week 9/22-9/29 vIsiting my son and need suggestions. I know that we will want crabs one day at least but am open on other days.

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  1. I would suggest Ruth Chris for great food, service but big $$$. Asian style I would go with Chopstix in Forest Hill or White Marsh or Thai One On in Towson. Also Jesse Wong's Kitchen in Hunt Valley always very good. Christopher Daniel in Cockeysville has a diverse menu and is consistently very good. Hope this helps. Happy eating!

    1. If you want steak, instead of a chain that you could get anywhere try The Prime Rib, a Baltimore institution. If for some reason you want to be in the Ruth's Chris area, try Kettle Hill. We were impressed.

      Beyond that, Grace Garden in Odenton for Chinese Tsearch the board for the thread), Jack's Bistro for inventive American, Hamilton Tavern, Corner BYOB, and plenty more. Also, for a great lunch head up Falls Road to Jake's for pit beef, sausage and ribs. And go to the sunday downtown farmers market for chorizo tacos (con todo) and fried fish with coleslaw.

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        Thanks for the suggestions. No I would rather eat local than a big chain, plus I was not impressed the one time I went to Ruth's Chris. I am staying with my son (e lanville area) so anywhere nearby would be great but I do have a car also. We went to Paper Moon last night and liked it (my son and his roomies love it). We will be in DC Friday w/o a car so someplace central govt area would be good. Not looking for expensive this trip.

        1. re: danny_w

          Paper Moon was my mainstay back in the day although I haven't gone many times lately. Pete's Grille is another great casual place in the general area.

          My places to take people are Jake's and Grace Garden. Also, Cinco de Mayo taqueria on S Highland ave at Eastern ave is another great cheap lunch option. Again, chorizo tacos with everything. Yum...

          And if you guys like or are interested in Ethiopian food we don't have the depth that DC has but Dukem is really great. If you've never had Ethiopian then you're in for a treat.

          1. re: kukubura

            Those sound great esp the Ethiopian. I can get great tacos at home in Austin Tx so probably won't do that here. Any good places for crab not too expensive?

            1. re: danny_w

              The old time crab houses are out of the city and I'm not an expert on that. CH has some good threads on that topic.

              Here's Dukem's Baltimore menu:
              You probably want a big sampler platter, maybe some fried fish on the side, and some Ethiopian beers. Now I want to go too!

        2. If you like Greek, Zorbas and Samos in Greektown are very good and reasonably priced.

            1. re: kukubura

              Sorry for not posting about my week earlier. As it turned out we ate at home a lot (my son is a good cook) but I did go to a few places. The first night (Saturday) we all (me, my son, and his 3 housemates) went out to Paper Moon (227 West 29th) and had a fun time. It sort of reminds me of Chuy's in Austin (where I live) because of all the strange decorations hanging from the ceiling and on every square inch of wall space. I went for a walk on Monday and found a small local Japanese/Korean restaurant called Nam King (2126 Maryland Ave) for a late afternoon lunch that was really good. I took my son to work on Tuesday, had a soft-shell crab sandwich for lunch at Phillip's (I know, touristy) that was pretty good, and then toured the Inner Harbor alone. Then on Wednesday I found the prize catch of all! My son was at work so I went off by myself in search of something different. I headed NE and happened on a very small seafood and catering place called Jerry D' Seafood (7804 Hartford) where I had the biggest and by far the best lump meat crab cake that I had ever had, and for under $10! I, my son, and one of his housemates that had just moved to Baltimore took the train to DC on Friday, toured the Library of Congress and the Air & Space Museum , then had dinner at a small Middle Eastern place a few blocks from there that I can't recall the name of. That wound up the week and I flew back to Austin on Saturday. All in all a great week that I will remember fondly for a very long time.

              We did have a local recommendation for Mo's Crab House downtown but we never made it (and it was quite pricey from what I could find out).