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Steaks left out overnight?

I took steaks out of the deep freeze late last night (10pm) and popped them in a bowl of cold water. I had intended on putting them in the fridge then finishing thawing them today, but I forgot about them.

In the morning (9:30am) the water was cool, but not cold to the touch and the steaks (which started frozen solid) were completely thawed.

I took a good whiff and they smelled like... steak.

I salted them then popped them in a bag with a vinegar/garlic based marinade and put them in the fridge.

They are grass fed from a cow we had butchered at a local butcher.

Are they safe to eat tonight for dinner?

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  1. I'll come,no problem for me.

    1. I've done similar (probably "riskier") things with my grass-fed frozen beef, and unless it smells rank, I'll always pull the trigger.

      1. Wouldnt be a problem for me at all. We regularly defrost things over night.

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          yup, agree with Harters and the others.

          1. I wouldn't think twice about it for myself. Yes.

              1. If they were mine, I would eat them.

                1. Like everyone else so far, I'd eat them, and I'm on immunosuppressants.

                  It's only a matter of time until the food safety crazies come along though...

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                    Like the Consumer Reports folks? :-)

                  2. IMO, even if they had been left out in open air they'd be fine. But being underwater prevents most sources of contamination from getting to them anyway, which further insures they are fine.

                    I must say I've not heard of thawing steaks in water. Seems to me this might leach out some of the flavorific aspects. OTOH I have had recent success brining pork chops, but of course that involves adding flavors and having other beneficial impacts at the cellular level.

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                      I should have been more clear. They were in a plastic bag and placed in the bowl of water. I've always thawed meat that way because my mom does it that way. But usually the water is supposed to be kept cold.

                    2. Did you actually put the frozen steaks into water? Tell me you didn't. How long are you going to marinade them in vinegar? I'd better not post any more on this thread.
                      One time I went to my wife's brother's house just after he was married. His new wife had never cooked steak before. She had heard I was a descent cook. She phoned me and asked what temperature should the steaks internal temp be to be medium rare. I told her. We also discussed 'broiling' the steaks. Somewhere in the conversation the number 450 F was mentioned. When she served the steaks she had attempted to have the internal temp of the steaks reach 450F.

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                        Well, how were they?

                        [ I've defrosted meats in water before - chicken for example, when i needed to do it quickly (and not use the microwave), and only for as long as was needed. At other times I might do it with the meat in a plastic baggie (a ziplock, for example) and without letting the meat bleed juices out into the bag. I wouldn't do it with steak meant for grilling or broiling, but with beef or pork cuts that were going to be cut up into pieces/strips and stir-fried with their juices (if any) put into the whole shebang - sure. Still, they usually head for the microwave, when I "under-thaw" them and cut them up while still slightly frosty (it's easier to cut them that way too). I've rarely frozen steak then thaw them to grill; they usually become stir-fry beef if I can't get to them before I have to freeze them. :-) ]

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                          Well, they were frozen, wrapped in butcher paper. I put them in a ziploc bag and put the plastic bag in the water. The meat wasn't in contact with the water.

                          I then removed them and put them in a different bag for the marinade, because I was concerned that the blood might be a source of bacteria.

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                            you did just fine,enjoy dinner

                        2. Everyone else is wrong and it would be a HUGE mistake to eat these steaks! What you should do is send them to me for testing. As a public service, I will cook and eat them for you. On the off chance I survive I will post here and you'll know that you'll be safe with the next batch.

                          There's no need to thank me.