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Sep 21, 2012 08:19 AM

Steaks left out overnight?

I took steaks out of the deep freeze late last night (10pm) and popped them in a bowl of cold water. I had intended on putting them in the fridge then finishing thawing them today, but I forgot about them.

In the morning (9:30am) the water was cool, but not cold to the touch and the steaks (which started frozen solid) were completely thawed.

I took a good whiff and they smelled like... steak.

I salted them then popped them in a bag with a vinegar/garlic based marinade and put them in the fridge.

They are grass fed from a cow we had butchered at a local butcher.

Are they safe to eat tonight for dinner?

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  1. I'll come,no problem for me.

    1. I've done similar (probably "riskier") things with my grass-fed frozen beef, and unless it smells rank, I'll always pull the trigger.

      1. Wouldnt be a problem for me at all. We regularly defrost things over night.

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        1. re: Harters

          yup, agree with Harters and the others.

          1. I wouldn't think twice about it for myself. Yes.