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Sep 21, 2012 08:06 AM

Zankou Chicken in Granada Hills

When is it opening!? I gaze longingly at it as I drive by every morning. Granada Hills must be the most food-blighted neighborhood in the whole valley (there's something to ponder). Other than Zankou, all can think of is the Frosty Queen.

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    1. re: SIMIHOUND

      It's at Chatsworth and Zelzah, in the HomeGoods/TJ Maxx/Sprouts shopping center.

      There's no grand opening scheduled on their website yet, but I glanced in yesterday on my way to Sprouts and there were a few people inside having a talk/meeting of some sort. One guy was working on the soda machine. Hope it's opening soon -- it's just a few minutes from my house! That shopping center is turning out really nicely with all the new additions.

    2. Agreed with you about the lack of restaurants. However, what we lack in restaurants we make up for in an abundance of grocery stores. In a mile radius we have:
      Vons, Trader Joes, 2 Ralphs, Sprouts, Fresh and Easy, Target (groceries), a Korean store, a couple of Persian/Middle Eastern markets. It's no wonder the Albertsons on San Fernando Mission closed down.

      I can't wait for Zankou to open.

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      1. re: granadafan

        Albertsons is closing 29 stores, not the the ones in this area though. I never really like Albertsons - their prices were always much higher than the other big stores, and the store always looked so run down and dreary.

        I actually like having so many stores in the area... Gives a much bigger selection and keeps prices low too. I really like the Sprouts that is in Granada Hills. They always have great looking produce and the meat department is good too.

        1. re: granadafan

          Where are the middle eastern markets? We just moved from Israel, and I'm eager to find a source for sumac, baharat, and other good grilling middle eastern grilling spices.

          1. re: MarkC

            I go to the Granda Hills Market on the North East corner of Balboa and San Fernando Mission next to the Two Guys and behind Trader Joes. Vwery good prices on Produce. I believe that it is Armenian.

            1. re: chuck

              I got to that market all the time as well. However, the owners are Persian. I asked the ladies at the cashier when the ownership changed. They have a good meat counter, deli section with fantastic feta cheese. My girlfriend is from Greece and says to get the Bulgarian feta. They have a decent spice section, but not in bulk. If you find a bulk spice place let me know.

              There's another Middle Eastern market on the South East corner of Zelzah and Chatsworth called International Grocery. It's across the street from the Ralphs. The Granada Hills Market is better for produce and meats.

            2. re: MarkC

              Valley Produce on Vanowen and Reseda has everything you could possibly need.

          2. There is a very decent vegan chinese restaurant call Vegetable Delight near that new Zankou.; the decor is abysmal, but the chow is on point and there is a nice mix of young Northridge students and longtimel boring locals such as myself. There is also a tasty meat-centric argentine joint call Pampas at Balboa & Chatsworh, catering to large families. I haven't had a ton of argentine grub, you'll know you've had beef and garlic when you're belly can take no more. But yes, after a while, you long for something nicer....

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            1. re: silence9

              That Argentine restaurant took a massive dive in quality. Last time I went the chicken pasta was buried in cream sauce and the chicken was rubbery as if it was microwaved. My friend's dish was just covered in cheese. We're cheese lovers, but this was just ridiculous. Our other friend's steak was nicely seasoned, but meh.