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Sep 21, 2012 07:40 AM

What are you doing about rice?


The report on rice from Consumer Reports has led us to reduce the amount of rice we eat but we are still eating brown rice even though it is higher in arsenic than white rice. FDA recommendation is to eat a varied diet - helpful, no? What to do? What are you doing?

  1. I'm eating it. In fact I'm cooking some tonight to serve with the tagine I'm making. Did you see the FDA page on the subject?

    We eat basmati almost exclusively.

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    1. re: rasputina

      Let's be honest, the FDA is a flaccid regulatory body who's primary objective has been to shift the burden of food safety to the consumer as it's ability to control the actions of the producers has been consistently undermined for the last two decades. It's hard to have any faith in what they say or do. That being said, the science on the instant issue is still not all in, but, perhaps some prudence is in order.

      More discussion on the recent news:

      1. re: MGZ

        Not the current FDA, which has actually done more about food safety than any other in my recollection.

    2. Yes, I know, it's quite troubling. We eat a lot of white rice, but I'm feeding two growing kids so I guess we will be eating less of it now. More pasta & other grains. Wonder if rinsing it does any good? I usually only rinse the short grain rice. Wish there was more info out there.

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      1. re: Dirtywextraolives

        Rinsing does not help. The arsenic is incorporsted in the plant.

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          Thank you for the link - I had not seen that so it is helpful to know that rinsing does not help so will not bother to rinse it.

          1. re: Bethcooks

            Hmmmm. The FAQ sheet on the Lundberg rice page said rinsing does help.

            Guess I'm more inclined to believe Dartmouth.

            But want to know more.

            1. When I first heard this I wondered if preparation method had any effect on the amount of arsenic left in the rice at consumption. Such as rinsing, soaking ect.

              ETA, also since there is arsenic in water, how much of the arsenic in cooked rice is coming from the water it's cooked with?

              We use the Berkey water filter system including their fluoride/arsenic filters for all our drinking and cooking water.

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              1. re: rasputina

                My guess is that it's filtered out of local drinking water supplies, it's one of the water quality parameters they have to measure.

              2. We, too, are eating it. Don't plan to make any changes at this point in our lives. Have been eating rice for decades with no problems.

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