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Sep 21, 2012 07:22 AM

Prime at the Bentley - stretches the meaning of "pop-up" and sushi

So, "Prime at The Bentley" is opening before Sukkot - with an enormous rooftop sukkah


Sushi with cumin and za'atar?

And, is it a pop-up if it might never close?

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  1. That article is the first place I've seen it called a "pop-up."

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      Here's another, probably taking its cues from the same press release as the piece above:

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        Maybe it will "fold down" if they don't do as well as expected

      2. Phoned for reservations. Was told that they're not certain exactly when it wlil open and are not booking tables.

        1. I called too - didn't get an exact opening date, but I was told they're definitely going to be open for Sukkot - I wasn't planning on going beforehand anyway, so i'm cool with that. I'm thinking it'll be a great place for my significant other to take me on Chol HaMoed as thank you for the cooking, serving, cleaning etc. i'll be doing over the holiday!

          1. From the 'Opening' section of yesterday's NYT Dining section, read while eating my break-fast; no mention of pop-up-ness:

            PRIME AT THE BENTLEY Perched on the rooftop of a hotel, with seating indoors and out, this kosher restaurant with a view has some unusual features. It will offer Friday-evening prepaid dinners, will be open Saturday evenings from 90 minutes after sundown until 2 a.m. and will have its own elevator. The menu includes crudo, sushi, grilled fish, ribs, steak frites, burgers and sliders — as well as breakfast. The restaurateur is Joey Allaham, who owns Prime Grill and Prime Butcher Baker, among other spots. (Sunday): Bentley Hotel, 500 East 62nd Street, (212) 933-9733.

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              I got an email announcing that they open today.

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                I heard from a reliable source that Solo is going to close because the building is being renovated and that was why the Bentley was opened.

            2. This is a very cool place to go, because you sit in a sukkah on a rooftop terrace that wraps around 3 & 1/8 sides of a Manhattan skyscraper, just wide enough for two, 2 person tables and an aisle between, also larger tables with a side aisle. The indoor space has floor to ceiling windows with dazzling views.. The sun sets over the city,the lights glitter on the bridge, the Roosevelt Island cable car goes past. It really is cool.

              the food is OK. I wondered if the kitchen/storage space available may be woefully inadequate. the menu is fairly brief, we were seated before 6 and they had already run out of ribs, the wine menu is very small and not exciting, and the "best" of the 3 beers they offered was Corona - but they were out of it.

              The food was good. Not great or exciting. Not up to the standards of Solo or Tevere 84. Just good. Tevere came to mind because someone had the Veal scaloppini. No one at my table tried the Chicken Parmigiano with Mozzarella . Frankly, I can't imagine.

              Tasted the bacon. It's just smoked beef, nothing at all like the heavenly lamb bacon you crunch and savor at Pardes. But it was in a quite wonderful barbecue sauce. Lots of sushi, much of it very good.

              Staff and kitchen need some practice. (they did open just last week)

              But, really, go for the fun of dining on a rooftop terrace.