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Down to the final four restaurant choices, need to pick 1!

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My husband and I will be in Portland for 1 night before we head out to wine country next month and will only have time for 1 dinner. We are looking for a dinner that will give us a Portland vibe and be regional as far as using fresh ingredients or items that are known to Oregon. If a place has some dungeness crab on the menu that is a bonus but not a necessity. We are looking for atmosphere and food. For morning we are heading to the PSU Farmers Market so will probably just grab something there before heading out to McMinnville and Newberg.

So, after some research and by posting here on Chowhound, this is what we have narrowed it down to:

Veritable Quandry
The Woodsman Tavern
Toro Bravo
Clyde Common

Any recommendations on which one should win out?

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  1. Ox (yeah, not on your list, but that's my rec)

    From your list, I'd go Toro Bravo.

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      I have heard great things about Ox, but we didnt incude it since it was Argentinian inspired. We have a couple of really good Argentian places here in Chicago as well as many great steakhouses so we wanted to try for something a little different. Although their menu is very intriguing.

      1. re: Dee74

        Dead on, if you are from Chicago avoid OX, not worth it.

    2. Actually it was Paleys Place for #4, not Clyde Common.

      1. Vote against Clyde Common! It was the one big "miss" from our recent trip.

        1. Try Paley's new place, The Imperial. It's awesome.

          1. Toro Bravo is delish, every bite we had was delightful!

            The farmers market will give you the best Portland vibe, LOL!!!!

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                I would also say of those Toro Bravo is my fav.

                BUT, if standing in line to get in, and if you come in the winter standing in line in the rain, would turn you off to this resturant than make sure you factor that in. They do not take reservations and if you want to get it fast show up atleast 1/2 hour before and wait.

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                  By the time our flight gets in and we grab the rental car I am guessing we won't get to downtown and be ready for dinner until about 8:30pm on a Friday. Will this be difficult at a place that does not do reservations to get in?

                  1. re: Dee74

                    Check with the restaurant...they will know...and as a very popular place, I think they will be honest