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Sep 21, 2012 06:53 AM

Tsp Granulated vs Powdered sugar?

I've been getting into classic cocktail making and just set out to compare the amount of sugar in various methods of sweetening: sugar cubes, granulated sugar, powdered sugar, 2:1 simple syrup and 1:1 simple syrup. Where I get confused is with powdered sugar.

Google says powder sugar has 2.5g sugar per tsp, while granulated has 4g per tsp. But if I take a cup of granulated sugar and blend it into powdered, I end up with a lowr volume at the end. So shouldn't a tsp of powdered sugar have more than 4g?

Can anyone confirm my google findings?

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  1. powdered sugar AKA 10X is not 100% sugar,cornstarch is added as an anti-caking agent

    when you blender mill granulated sugar you get ultra fine sugar ,ultra fine sugar plus starch is powdered sugar

    ultra fine is a real plus for beverages

    sugar is a modified liquid,it melts ,so if exact is the goal, a small scale is in order

    1. Powdered sugar is generally not a good substitute for granulated or ultra fine sugar (due to the added cornstarch as lcool mentioned).

      1. Why would you want to use powdered sugar in a cocktail? how?

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          My guess is he is reading a cocktail,mixology book that isn't using the best choice of terms.

        2. But isn't powdered sugar only 3% cornstarch?

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            Not sure of the exact %, but the small amount that is there makes it unsuitable for swapping for other types of sugar. If you try to make a simple syrup with powded sugar, it will be cloudy and grainy.