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Sep 21, 2012 06:10 AM

Georgetown with kids

I need a couple of Georgetown recs that aren't super upscale, but not run of the mill. Bistro Lepic looks too old school and dowdy. We are from NYC, so we're a bit jaded. Kids are Tweens, so somewhat adventurous. Posto?

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  1. filomena is pretty awesome...old school italian, and upscale, but not too upscale

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    1. re: unburritable

      Filomena offers huge portions of gummy pasta. I don't think the OP will be amused.

    2. Posto isn't in Georgetown but if you're looking for Italian then there's II Canale or Pizzeria Paradiso to consider in Gtown. There's also Neyla for Mediterranean and your kids might like Bandolero for "modern? Americanized?" Mexican.

      1. I would head to Il Canale for delicious pizza and pasta. Their eggplant appetizer and meatballs are also delicious. Very good restaurant that for whatever reason gets little attention (but I like it that means I can always get in).

        I also like Bodega for Spanish tapas.

        If you are willing to head a little past Georgetown towards the West End there are a lot more options including Rasika West End for amazing, modern Indian and Ris and Firefly.

        1. 'Run of the mill' is the sine qua non of Georgetown. Why are you sticking solely to Georgetown?

          1. Get some gelato at dolcezza on Wisconsin's delicious!