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Sep 21, 2012 04:43 AM

Certified Master Smoker

Hey Hounds.

So here in TO there's a new BBQ place opening up next month and an article has come out in which the "Executive Chef" (I didn't know you needed one at a BBQ joint) claims to be a "Certified Master Smoker." I had never heard of the term and did a Google search. It seems Google has never heard of this certification either.

So my question is, are they just blowing, uh, smoke??

Here is the article in question.


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  1. Maybe just another food safety course with a cachet.I'll give it a look also.

    1. Anyone can make up titles and hand out meaningless certificates....................................

      1. I love the title! I'm thinking I could do an online course for $299: "Read the following pages, once a week, and answer a series of questions. After six weeks, assuming you pass all of the "tests", I'll mail you a certificate that reads 'Master Smoker' at the top in an Old English type. You can either fill it in yourself, or for an additional $8.99, we will have it printed for you. Call now or this offer may not last".

        My opinion - barbecue is more art than science. Practice is what matters to developing skill. Otherwise, your just using another appliance to cook. But, than again, to me, if you don't need an ax, you're not making barbecue!

        1. There's a certificate for chain smoking?

          1. LOL.


            He’ll be smoking everything on site in a Cookshack 350 for anywhere from 12 to 14 hours, using mostly apple and cherry woods (which accentuate the smoke flavor without overpowering, he says).

            Cookshacks are nice but I have seen many a folk use them at home including myself and several neighbors. Real pro USA type outdoor smoker BBQ? Nope. Restaurant caliber? Sure. If you insist.

            Certified Master smoker.

            Let's see if the TO can handle his awesomeness.