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Sep 21, 2012 04:16 AM

Guy Fieri celebrity cookware - can't find any reviews

Just got the new Shopko Hometown flyer in yesterday's mail (with a nice coupon, BTW), and they're advertising a line of Guy Fieri cookware (both a set and open-stock pieces) which they've just added to their product lineup. (Of course, my local Shopko Hometown only has some of the open-stock skillets on hand, with the gorgeous bottoms, but I could get the stuff off the Shopko website as well). I tried looking up reviews online, but only found other places to purchase the cookware online (Amazon & the Food Network Store, f.ex.), as well as reviews of Guy Fieri knives (which I've heard are ergonomically designed). Has anyone tried the Guy Fieri cookware yet, and what did you think of it?

(I'm not in any rush to go out and buy cookware yet; however, if my college-age kids move into an apartment next year, I'd probably give them my existing cookware and treat myself to a new set at that time. My 3-year-old hard-anodized aluminum cookware from Macy's has got to be better quality than the "el cheapo" stuff marketed to college kids!)

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