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Sep 21, 2012 02:11 AM

End of summer so grills are on sale...

What kind do you use at home? Gas appeals because it would be so fast, and I am thinking some weeknight fast grilling outside, even in the cold. But charcoal is so damned tasty. What do you think?

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  1. Yes, charcoal is tastier, but gas makes grilling all the time so easy. Indirect cooking is so much easier with gas, you can use a rotisserie for roasts, and I get better results with grilled pizza. I gave my charcoal grill away and don't miss it.

    1. We have an assortment but no gas. I'm a charcoal purist. At this point the only ones that get used are the Big Green Eggs and occasionally the Lodge hibachi.

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        I used to be a purist, but we have a natural gas Weber on our deck that is in heavy use year-round (not an easy feat in Chicago). But we also have a charcoal grill, an LP grill and a smoker.

        1. re: ferret

          More less the same here. The Weber with a few apple chips in the box gets most of the use.

      2. If they are on sale and you have the space why not get one of each? I have both. Charcoal gives better flavor but gas is far more convenient. Weber kettles are not that expensive and do not take up much space. Depending on how good the sales are you might be able to pick up a kettle and a gasser now for less than you would pay for a gas model alone at the beginning of the season.

        1. Please don't laugh, but since I live alone and only cook for myself, I love my little rectangular tabletop gas grill. I usually replace it every two years or so, and it is inexpensive. I live in an apartment and we aren't supposed to use any type of grill on our balcony/patio, so mine is really inconspicuous.

          1. I upgraded to a Weber Genesis propane grill two years ago and get lots of use year round. It's a whole nuther thing from any other gas grill I've used.