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Sep 20, 2012 10:02 PM

Cognac and a Cigar

I am coming up to the City on October 1st. I have a very speical cigar I would like to smoke with a snifter of good cognac. Since restaurants and bars can no longer permit the smoking of cigarettes or cigars I would like to find a place with a protected patio or a rooftop hotel with a protected outside seating area. Can anyone make a recommendation? If not I guess I'll have to leave my cigar at home and nurse my hurt feelings at the Bar at Le Central
with a Beautiful.

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  1. The Cigar Bar & Grill has some nice Cognac and some nicer Armaganac. I believe you're welcome to bring your own cigars.

    If the weather's not cooperative there's also the Occidental Cigar Bar, where you can smoke inside.

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      Thank you so very much. Now I have to find out if the Mrs. will handle a place where there are lots of different cigars being smoked.

      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Cigar Bar wasn't on my radar, and I was to meet a colleague at Qunice for a glass of after work wine (nice couches, nice wine) but they were locked for no apparent reason and Cotogna was having a private party. He led me to Cigar Bar, where the wine list is somewhat spotty, but the cocktails are quite excellent. (There's a wine place across the street from Quince where they have their own barrels; my friend turned up his nose)

        The place reminds me of an east coast rathskeller, or a berkeley student joint. The tables are a little beaten up, the ceiling is too low so it gets loud outside the courtyard. There is no smell of cigar in the main area, but the manhattan was the best I've had all year. I love a good warm courtyard.

        Don't let the cigar name throw you off ---- can't comment on the food, though.